Precision Charcoal Grilling

Free shipping & a 60-day test drive

Meet the first charcoal grill that's as easy as gas

Anyone who’s futzed around with a traditional charcoal grill knows it isn’t easy – or precise. So we set out to redesign the entire experience.

  • Custom charcoal Briqs for better flavor and control
  • Ignites with the turn of a switch
  • Set and hold temperature from 200-900+°F

Precision temperature control

From low-and-slow at 200°F to Neapolitan-style pizza at 900°F, Spark has a full range of oven-like control and functions that let you do more than ever with a charcoal grill.

See how it works

Where there's smoke, there's flavor.

Sourced from classic woods like hickory and applewood, Spark’s proprietary charcoal Briqs are packed with flavor.

Explore a world of flavor

The Story of Spark

Spark delivers all the flavor of cooking with natural wood and charcoal at the push of an ignition button.

This charcoal grill might change grilling for good.

Patented wood and charcoal technology that heats food faster, evenly and at the desired temperature.

There might be no better looking new grill than these Spark Grills Precision Charcoal models.

Direct to your backyard

  • Free shipping, straight to your door.

  • Stress-free 60-day test drive

  • Easy assembly

  • Briq re-orders at the tap of a button

  • 1-year warranty on materials and workmanship

  • Support that's fast, friendly, and occasionally funny.

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Free shipping & a 60-day test drive

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