Cleaning your Spark Grill

Cleaning your Spark Grill

Cleaning the Kettle and Cart of Your Spark Grill 


Cleaning the kettle and cart of your Spark Grill will keep it in prime shape and looking new. We recommend you do this about once a month, but using a Spark Grill Cover means you'll be cleaning the exterior less often- more like once a season. Whether or not you're using the cover, always store the Bamboo cutting board indoors to keep it from warping and avoid putting it in the dishwasher.

The Spark is coated in a porcelain enamel and a simple blend of mild soap and water will work wonders for cleaning. If you'd like to use a cleaning product, the Spark team recommends SimpleGreen Heavy-Duty BBQ and Grill Cleaner- it's non-toxic and safe to use on cooking surfaces.

Start by removing the Briq pan and dumping any leftover ash, and removing the grates and heat spreader. Using your choice of cleaning solution and a rag or scouring pad, start by giving the drip tray a good wipe down as well as the bottom of the kettle. Wipe down the outside of the kettle, side table, legs and wheels, and you've got a clean exterior. From there, move on to cleaning the grates and the ignitor.

Cleaning the Grates of Your Spark Grill 


Your Spark comes with high-quality cast iron grates and we recommend cleaning them when they're cold with a nylon grill brush. Brush grates front to back, then side to side. For any tough stuck-on food remnants try soaking grates first in a bucket of hot, soapy water. After a few minutes, give the grates another good scrubbing and repeat if necessary. Flip the grates and repeat the process on the other side. After the grates are clean, coat them again in a high smoke point cooking oil to maintain the seasoning. For a seasoning refresh, refer to our Seasoning video

Cleaning the Ignitor of Your Spark Grill 

We recommend cleaning the ignitor on your Spark every 5 or so grills. You'll need vinegar and a drinking straw to help remove any residue that might have built up over your last few grills. Start by removing the grates and heat spreader. Locate the ignitor and pour a small amount of vinegar over it. After letting it sit for a few minutes, use a drinking straw to gently remove any residue.