Cooking Temperature Tip Sheet

Cooking Temperature Tip Sheet

You’ll hone in on your favorite temperature and techniques for different recipes, but here are some rules of thumb as a starting point.  (Always cook food to a safe internal temp.)

Steak  -  600f +
Sear on a really hot grill.

Chicken Breast -  375f
For boneless breasts, staying below 400f takes a little longer but helps ensure even cooking so you don’t end up with medium rare chicken. 

Increase the heat a little if you’re grilling skin-on or bone-in chicken breast because the skin and bone will help prevent drying or overcooking, and it’s nice to get the skin a little crispy. 

Chicken Wings  -  425f
Some people prefer cooking for longer at lower temperatures, but you can cook these a little faster at higher temperatures to crisp up the skin more.

Salmon, Halibut  -  500f
Start skin-side down, only flip once.  

Tilapia or Trout Filets  -  450f
They’re smaller and more delicate, so use a lower temperature than you would with salmon. A fish spatula or grilling basket can help. 

Whole Fish  -  450f
Score the fish to help even out the cooking.  Oil the fish and the grates to avoid sticking.  Increase the temperature to 475 or 500f if the fish is small (dorade, branzino) and can cook relatively quickly, and dial it down to 425 if it’s a large fish (snapper) that’ll take a little longer to cook through. Flip once. 

Artisan Pizza  -  700f+
Use a pizza stone, and roll the dough as thin as you can.  The Everyday Briq can hit this temp, and our Pizza Briqs are coming soon. 

Smoked Meats  -  225f - 275f
Our Low & Slow Briq is coming soon.

Cauliflower, Broccoli  -  500f
Cut in half or into steaks. Go for a little charring. 

Potatoes and Carrots  -  450f
Smaller baby or marble potatoes can sit right on the grates. Cut big carrots in half lengthwise. Adjust the temperature down a little with larger veggies. 

Acorn squash and smaller squash  -  475f
Cut in half, grill cut-side down.  Flip and grill a few extra minutes on the other side. 

Yellow squash, eggplant  -  475f
Slice into ¾” diagonals, rounds, or lengths.  Grill enough to char, but not so long they get mushy.

Peaches, Avocado - 400f
Cut in half, grill cut-side down.  If needed, flip and grill for a couple minutes on the other side.

Whole cherry tomatoes  -  450f
Keep them on the stem for easier cooking and better presentation. Grill until they’re charred and just starting to burst. 

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