How to Create Your Own Backyard Oasis

How to Create Your Own Backyard Oasis

Most of our vacations quickly turned to stay-cations this year. And, by stay-cations … we’ve all likely spent some serious quality time in our backyards this summer.  We recently sat down with Bret Sundberg, a Denver-based interior designer and the Design Manager at Guest House, to chat about how to make the most out of our outdoor living spaces. Guest House is a house staging company providing high quality and beautiful home staging with art, furniture, and decor from local makers. You’ll find Spark Grills on the decks of several Guest House properties throughout the Denver-metro area.

We’re all about that al fresco life at Spark. What are your top tips for creating an outdoor dining space at home?

I always tell my clients the exterior should feel like an extension of the interior - so don't stray from your style just because it's outdoors. It's really important to first determine how you'd like to use your patio before deciding anything else. Consider if it'll be used for larger dinner parties & family gatherings or more of an intimate oasis. Explore textures, styles and colors that accent your backyard just as you would indoors & build from there. I recommend finding 2-3 key pieces you must have and using those to determine the feel.

The only cool thing in my backyard right now is the Spark Grill. Where do I start? Are there 2-3 essential pieces I should start with?

You're off to a great start! Charcoal grills aren’t typically known for their design aesthetic, but that’s what we love about the Spark Grill.  Shade, seating & surfaces are key - the rest will follow. Once you've decided the type of set-up you prefer, I would recommend searching for seating, accent or large tables, and umbrellas as the base to your backyard oasis.

What are important things to consider when outfitting smaller spaces - like rooftops or balconies?

Get creative! Try to find multi-purpose furniture, add plants for nice decor & keep it simple. I really love including outdoor rugs in smaller spaces because it really steps up the style element makes it feel cozy rather than crammed. Light colored furniture will make any small space feel more airy and open.

What are your favorite things to add to the outdoor living spaces you style for Guest House?

We want a Guest House patio to feel like an elegant extension of the interior. So, we keep it minimalist and love to add plants, a Spark grill;) and wooden furniture.

Describe your dream backyard or patio.

I am certainly a sucker for a calm & serene patio perfect for a glass of vino. My dream patio includes plush furniture, lots of shade for reading and working, a water feature, and more plants than necessary. I love being able to entertain outdoors in the warm months so lawn games, a movie projector, and a flourishing garden are all on the list too!