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Spark Change: Giving Back

Buy a grill, give a cookstove,
make an impact.

Cook Clean and Spark Grills

When you purchase a Spark, you provide a family with the means to cook safely. 

Nearly half the world’s population still relies on solid fuels, like wood, charcoal, coal, dung and crop wastes in rudimentary stoves or open fires for cooking. This lends itself to a multitude of problems for families. Indoor air pollution leads to major health problems and kills more than
HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined.

Lack of access to modern cooking products also creates an ongoing financial burden. Families in these communities spend as much as one-third of their income to buy fuel to cook.

We believe in the importance of cooking. We also know that providing food for our loved ones, safely and affordably, is a privilege, and not one afforded to everyone. Let’s make a change. 

For every Spark grill you buy, we place a locally designed and manufactured cookstove with a family in Ghana with the help of our partner, CookClean Ghana Limited

Each cookstove placed:

  • Reduces indoor air pollution for positive health impacts

  • Saves a family $65 per year in fuel costs

  • Uses 50% less fuel than existing methods to reduce deforestation

  • Reduces carbon emissions by 3 tons per year to mitigate climate change

  • Is much safer for the people using them – primarily women and children

        With your help, we’re proud to help more families experience what we all so greatly deserve: cooking and providing food for our loved ones, free of danger and financial burden.

        Give us a shout if we can help.

        We’re around and always happy to talk. Give us a shout whenever:

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