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ThanksGrilling with Spark

As we all know, hosting the holidays will look different this year. We’re expanding entertainment spaces and utilizing the outdoors more than ever.

Enter #ThanksGrilling – a term that our team here in Boulder, Colorado is embracing. Thanksgiving is a holiday that celebrates giving thanks, your family & friends, and of course, great food. Who says that can't happen on the grill? You may already have your go-to turkey and mashed potatoes but it wouldn't be a Spark ThanksGrilling without some twists on tradition.

Below, find a few unexpected recipes and tips from our favorite chef friends. 


Here’s to still celebrating this special holiday, cooking outside and cooking new things with the people you love.


Grilled Sweet Potatoes with Cilantro Zhoug


Grilled Sweet Potatoes 
with Cilantro Zhoug,
Chef Heather Carr

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Spice up your average side dish for Thanksgiving this year with this Yemeni grilled sweet potato recipe. Chef Heather Carr walks you through how, step by step, and shares the full recipe.

“Soak your sweet potatoes in water before grilling- this will pull out some of the starch and you’ll end up with a really nice, sweet end product.”


Skillet Ginger Apple Pie on the Spark

Skillet Ginger Apple Pie
with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

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It's not a holiday without a pie. And after trying Morgan Ione's recipe for Skillet Ginger Apple Pie, it won't be a holiday in your household without a grilled one.

Tip: If you normally go the store-bought route because you think pies are intimidating, take the tip from Morgan Ione and buy a pre-made crust.



Vegan Grilled Thanksgiving Pizza


Grilled Thanksgiving
Vegan Pizza,

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      You read that right. Surprise and delight your guests with this Grilled Thanksgiving Vegan Pizza - complete with all the toppings it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without: mashed potatoes, gravy and a delicious Cranberry Chutney.

      “If you're hand-making the dough, you'll need at least 2-3 hours to allow it to rise. Prep a day ahead of time and let it rise more slowly in the refrigerator overnight for a more complex flavored dough. Allow it to come to room temp before handling.”



      Grilled Paprika Cauliflower 
      & Rosemary-Herbed
      Butternut Squash,

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          Can you ever have enough vegetable sides at Thanksgiving? No? Here's two.

          “Prepare two sides in less than an hour flat. Throw the Paprika Cauliflower on the grill first, and with about 15 minutes left, add the Rosemary-Herbed Butternut Squash. You'll pull them off at the same time, both hot and ready to serve."


          What are you grilling up this holiday?





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