High-Heat - Pack of 5
High-Heat - Pack of 5
High-Heat - Pack of 5

High-Heat - Pack of 5


5-Pack of Briqs

  • Made from hardwood charcoal for a classic, smoky flavor
  • Provides a perfect restaurant-quality sear
  • Cook Neapolitan-style pizza in minutes

Turn Your Spark into a pizza oven

Spark is excited to introduce the most anticipated Briq we have ever produced: The High-Heat Briq.
This Briq sets the competition on fire, allowing you to test the upper-limits of the Spark's temperature range. Most importantly, this Briq allows you to crank out delicious Neapolitan-style pizza in minutes.

The spark exclusive

'za of your dreams

No other grill can deliver the results of a professional pizza oven, giving you the puff and leopard-spotted charred crust of your dreams in just 2-3 minutes. At 800-900°F, the High-Heat Briq brings your favorite indulgences to the next level. Throw the delivery coupons in your recycling bin because pizza on the Spark can't be beat.

don't forget

pair it with the pizza pack