Quick - Pack of 9
Quick - Pack of 9
Quick - Pack of 9

Quick - Pack of 9


9-Pack of Briqs

  • Made from hardwood charcoal for a classic, smoky flavor
  • Designed to last 30-45 minutes for your weeknight meals
  • Range of 450-600F is ideal for traditional grilling

the "perfect Burger" Briq

Do you ever feel like you want to grill something fast but don't want to deal with all the setup of a traditional charcoal grill? That's where the Spark Quick Briq comes in. The Quick Briq brings you the unbeatable flavor of charcoal without all the fuss. This Briq delivers explosive flavors in record time.

Dinner is ready

The "weeknight" Briq

The Quick Briq was developed to provide a perfectly speedy grilling sessions that's ideal for weeknight staples. Transform burgers, sausages, fish fillets and vegetables that will be bursting with gourmet-quality flavors. It's our go-to for weeknight cooking.

ultimate burger

chef elizabeth karmel's recipe

elizabeth's burger recipe