Spark One

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  • Easy ignition. No chimney or lighter fluid needed.
  • Set and hold temperature from 250F to 900F
  • Smoky charcoal flavor you can’t get with propane
  • Simple, no mess charcoal cleanup.
  • Built to last with double-walled porcelain enameled steel kettle
  • Easy setup, plugs into a standard three-prong outlet.


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Tech Specs

Dimensions: 45W x 23.5D x 42.5H in. (1143 x 597 x 1080 mm) [kettle and cart] / 25.5W x 22.5D x 14.5H in. (650mm x 464mm x 368mm [kettle only]

Weight: 105 lb (fully assembled) / 77 lbs [kettle with cast iron parts only] / 28 lbs [cart only]

Cooking Grate Dimensions: 16.3 x 23.7 in. (414 x 602 mm) [fits 12 burgers]

Cooking Area: 368 sq. in. (0.24 sq. m) / Dome height 5.9 in. [fits a 12 lb turkey]

Power: 120V AC, 60W max, 30W/hr avg

Your Digital Sous Chef

Professional Chef holds spark briq and places it in a Spark Grill



Our patented Briqs take the guesswork out of charcoal. Enjoy all the flavor of cooking with charcoal, without the fuss.

Spark One FAQs

Briqs are made to be used once, so you can’t reuse it again. We know what you need depends on what you’re cooking and that’s why we offer Briqs that last different amounts of time. You can pick the one that matches what you want to cook.

Our Everyday Briq burns for about 60-90 minutes, depending on what temperatures you're cooking. Our Quick Briq lasts 30-45 minutes for those weeknight meals when you're cooking something quick.  Our High Heat Briq lasts 30-45 minutes and is especially great for making artisan and Neapolitan style pizzas that typically require a wood-fired oven made of ceramic bricks. Our upcoming Low and Slow lasts 6-8 hours for those long low temp grilling sessions.

Yes, you can... but ideally only in a pinch, because you’ll get the best experience using the grill and Briq in tandem. Our Briq and grill have been engineered to work together as a system to start fast, burn efficiently, and deliver temperature precisely, so if you take the Briq out of that system and just use any ole charcoal, it won’t perform as well. You can get away with it though if you’re in a pinch. But definitely, definitely, under no circumstances, use lighter fluid.

Yes, our upcoming Low and Slow Briq will let you set the temp in the 200-300F range and cook for up to 8 hours. The heat spreader that is included with the grill also creates an indirect cooking zone that is often desired for longer low temp cooking.

Yup!  Here's how that works: Test-drive the Spark grill for 100 days, and if you don’t love it, return it for free. Hold on to your original shipping box to ensure free return shipping.  Give us a call or email so we can start the process and send you a free return label and instructions.  We promise we’ll make returns as seamless and easy as possible.

Customer Reviews

Based on 104 reviews
Daniel A. (Fort Thomas, US)
Finally don't have to choose between taste and convenience!

Amazingly easy to use. And man, is this thing beautiful. I was skeptical at first that it would do what it said, but not only is this thing up to heat and ready to cook in the time that it takes me to bring all my food outside, but it cooks MORE evenly than most gas grills I have used. And it makes everything it cooks incredibly delicious including every vegetable I've thrown on it. I've tried all the Briqs and I pretty much just use the everyday brick for everything now since it lasts longer and is up and running just as fast as the quick Briq. I am HAPPY to pay a few cents extra over regular briquets for this game-changing upgrade in experience. Seriously, I could not be happier. Also, the videos don't do the dial system justice- It looks so cool in person! My only possible gripe would be that there is no great way to store the cord- but that is such a minimal inconvenience compared to all the up-sides.

Torrance S. (Hoschton, US)
Easy to be a Master griller

Spark makes it easy to grill anything you can imagine.

Love the Spark!

I am really loving this grill and offer three points of accolades: 1) the grill itself is really fun to use- it may take alittle learning curve but I am really enjoying the ride to learn/play with the new system 2) the food tastes great with a unique smoke flavor that is nice and which I havent noticed with other charcoal/wood smokers and grills and 3) customer service has been the best I've experienced anywhere. For those grill-heads who have multiple grills/smokers etc...(I have four- traditional Weber, original Traeger when they were owned by the Traeger family, a recently acquired Blackstone griddle and now Spark), the Spark is one I am really glad to have. It really does offer a new experience and flavor:)

Charlie P. (Boston, US)
Easy and well-designed

Absolutely obsessed with this grill. I'll be using it all year in Boston weather because of how this makes my food taste. The controlled temperature with charcoal is such a game changer and get a ton of compliments about how it looks on my deck. Next up is smoking a turkey for Thanksgiving... wish me luck.

Christopher J. (Cleveland, US)
Such a joy

I’ve had my grill for almost a year now and enjoy using it every time. On my second or third time using the grill I had an issue with a briq not fully igniting. I was able to chat with a representative through the app and determined I hadn’t left the lid open long enough. They were kind enough to give me a credit to replace the briq. I really like using the temperature probs and the alerts provided by the app. It is rather heavy, a testament to the build quality, but can make it a little tough to move around the patio. I’ve never used charcoal before but find the flavor much better than gas and this grill works better than any gas grill I’ve ever used.