welcome to spark

Let's get started!

step 1: assembling your spark

The below video will walk you through assembly, step by step. The assembly manual is also available in the app, and we've included a printed version in your box.

Before you start, check out these tips for a smooth assembly:

✓ MOST IMPORTANT: Make it fun! Grab a drink, put on a playlist, and get pumped up to take your Spark for a spin.

✓ Grab a buddy: Your Spark is quality-crafted with steel and iron which makes the kettle heavy (60 lbs), so you may want an extra hand for the lifting portion of the assembly.

✓ Find setup space: We recommend finding a big flat space (about 10’x10’) to lay out all the parts when you’re assembling.

✓ Find Spark space: You’ll need to plug your Spark in, so make sure you find a safe spot near an outlet or have an extension cord handy. Safety first! Keep away from wood and other flammable materials.

✓ Reserve some time: We find it takes 30-45 minutes to set up Spark and about 45 minutes to season the cast iron grates (optional, but recommended).

✓ Download the app: For the best assembly, setup and cooking experience, download the Spark app.

how to assemble your spark

step 2: pairing the app

Create an account for your grill through the app. Make sure the bluetooth on your phone is turned on and your grill is plugged in. The app should detect your grill within a few seconds - from there, hit 'connect' and follow the steps to set up your grill connection. There may be a new firmware update available for your grill. If so, you’ll simply tap “update firmware” from the homescreen. Updates take 1-2 minutes. We’re always adding new features and improving your grill’s performance, so for the best experience, make sure to hit "update" whenever a new firmware version is available.

download the app

Step 3: seasoning the grates

Your grill is ready to use right out of the box - at this point, if you want to get grilling, you can go ahead! However, for the best experience, we recommend seasoning your grates before starting your first Spark session. Bonus: Seasoning the grates will help you get familiar with turning on, lighting, and using your Spark.

seasoning the grates

that's it!

How easy was that? Your new Spark grill is now ready to use! For tips and tricks on your first cook and how to use your Spark to its potential, we recommend watching the below video. Need some inspiration on what to cook? Check out the Spark recipe center for amazing dishes that are fit for every occasion!

let's get grilling!