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Using the Low & Slow Briq System


Basic Instructions

Watch this video to learn the basics
of the Low & Slow Briq System

- How to get the Low & Slow System going
- When to add the Slow-Cook Briq
- Tips for optimizing your grilling experience
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Low & Slow Barbecue

Take your smoking to the next level
with this in-depth smoking lesson

- Properly preparing meats for smoking
- Overcoming the Stall
- Resting freshly cooked meats

Step-by-Step Guide

Insert Starter Briq, start the grill and set to temp (250-350°F).
Leave lid open for 10-15 minutes.
Open drawer and gently insert Slow-Cook Briq on top of the Starter.
Close the lid and wait for grill to reach temperature.
Caution: Heat Spreader and latest firmware are required for proper function.
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Cooking Pizza on your Spark

Spark Quick Start Guide for
Making Delicious Neapolitan-Style Pizza

Step 1 - Prep your Spark
  • - Always use the heat spreader when cooking with a pizza stone. The stone can crack when exposed to direct intense flames.
  • - Always remove your cutting board from the side table before cooking with high heat on your Spark. The board could be damaged from the high heat of the kettle.
Step 2 - Remove grates & place pizza stone in your Spark
  • - Make sure your Heat Spreader is in place & remove your cutting board.
  • - Never put a cold or wet pizza stone in a hot Spark – this can cause the stone to crack.
Step 3 - Load a High-Heat Briq into your Spark
  • - Running low on High-Heat Briqs? Stock up by clicking here.
Step 4 - Start your Spark
  • - Set the temperature between 750°F and 900°F (our favorite temp is 850°F).
  • - Close the lid immediately after lighting the Briq to quickly reach a high cooking temperature.
  • - Once the dial has turned white, you've reached your target temperature! It’s time to prep your pizza.
  • - Much like a wood-fired brick oven, the flames from the high heat Briq are what give your pizza that ideal signature crust.
Step 5 - Time to grill
  • - Cook with the pizza directly on the stone for about 30-40 seconds, or until the bottom is done to your liking.
  • - Slide the peel under the pizza and close the lid, let it continue to cook on the peel for another 1-3 minutes until desired crispiness is reached. This allows the top of your pizza to finish cooking without burning the bottom.
  • - Remove the pizza from the grill and place it on a cooling rack for 1-2 minutes before cutting.
  • - Watch our instructional videos to see an example of our technique!
Step 6 - Clean Up & Care
  • - Only use a flat scraper or brush to clean your pizza stone.
  • - Never soak, and never put in the dishwasher.
  • - Avoid using soap and water if possible. Soap can damage the stone and increase the likelihood of cracking. Water can be used if the stone is thoroughly dried afterwards.
Step 7 - Show us your creations!
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