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    The Grill

    Where is the grill made?


    Briqs are made in the USA, at our manufacturing facility in Boulder to be specific. Grill parts come from all over, are assembled in Thailand, and ship from Boulder.

    How does this thing work?


    Check out the "How it works" section on our homepage, or learn more on our Product Details page.

    Do I need a cover?


    The grill is incredibly well-built and ultra durable: steel cart, steel kettle with a weather-resistant porcelain enamel coating, so it'll do a good job holding up. That being said, any grill will stay a little cleaner and last longer if you use a grill cover.
    Our advice: if the grill lives under an awning, in a garage, or is otherwise a little protected, don't sweat it.  If the grill sleeps every night under the stars, maybe get it a cover. Spark grill covers will be available very soon.

    Do I have to plug this in?


    Yes. The grill needs power for the starter, the fan, and the temperature control. 

    Coming soon we plan to offer a rechargeable battery.

    When will other colors be available?


    We have new colors coming very soon. Shoot us a note and we can add you to the announcement list for additional colors.

    The Briqs

    How long do Briqs burn?


    Our Everyday Briq burns for about 60-90 minutes, depending on what temperatures you're cooking. 

    Our Quick Briq lasts 30-45 minutes for those weeknight meals where you're cooking something quick. 

    How much do Briqs cost?


    Our Everyday Grilling Briq costs $29.95 for a pack of 6.

    Where are the Briqs made?


    Briqs are made in the USA, at our manufacturing facility in Boulder to be specific.

    How are they made?


    Sorry, top secret.  Ok, we can share a little...

    We start with a blend of lump charcoals. We use a plant-based alcohol to help it ignite quickly.  Then, we press it into the final shape that makes for easy loading and cleanup.

    Do you use lighter fluid?


    Nope. Zero lighter fluid. The Briqs are made from American hardwood charcoal. We use a plant-based alcohol to help it ignite quickly.  Then, we press it into the final shape that makes for easy loading and cleanup.

    Can I use my own charcoal?


    Yes, you can... but ideally only in a pinch, because you’ll get the best experience using the grill and Briq in tandem. Our Briq and grill have been engineered to work together as a system to start fast, burn efficiently, and deliver temperature precisely, so if you take the Briq out of that system and just use any ole charcoal, it won’t perform as well. You can get away with it though if you’re in a pinch. But definitely, definitely, under no circumstances, use lighter fluid.

    Cooking experience

    How do I control temperature?


    Pretty much like you do in an oven, just adjust the dial to whatever temp you want to hit.

    The grill will adjust it's fans to control the oxygen level and venting to hit and hold temperature precisely. 

    Want more heat? Turn it up. Want less? Turn it down.

    How does cleanup work?


    The Briq stays in tact to make cleanup easy. After the grill has cooled, pull open the drawer at the front of the grill, remove the pan holding the Briq, and dump it into a charcoal-safe receptacle like a metal bucket. Takes about 15 seconds, and you don't have to shower after.

    100-Day Risk Free Trial

    So I really get to try it at home for 100 days?


    Yup!  Here's how that works:

    Test-drive the Spark grill for 100 days, and if you don’t love it, return it for free. Hold on to your original shipping box to ensure free return shipping. 

    Give us a call, or begin a return online so we can start the process and send you a free return label and instructions. 

    We promise we’ll make returns as seamless and easy as possible. 

    And if something happens after 100 days?


    If something happens after 100 days, just let us know. We’ve got a 3-year warranty covering defects or workmanship issues, and will always work with you to make sure you love your Spark.

    Shipping & returns

    So shipping is free, right?


    Yup. Outbound shipping is free for both the grill and briqs. 

    Return shipping during the 100-day Risk Free Trial is free as well.

    When will you ship outside the lower 48?


    We wish we could say, but we want to wait until we're certain we can offer an inexpensive option and a smooth experience for people in Alaska, Hawaii, or outside the US. 

    How do I start a grill return?


    Give us a call at 720-713-7526 or email so we can start the process and send you a free return label and instructions.

    We promise we’ll make returns as seamless and easy as possible.


    How's the warranty work?


    Our official warranty covers defects and workmanship issues that occur in the three years. But we’ve built our grills to last, so if you ever have issues after the first year, let us know and we’ll happily see what we can do to help out.

    Please note though that the warranty is voided if you modify or disassemble the grill, drill into or weld on the grill, or especially if you pour lighter fluid into the grill. 


    Prop 65 warning for California residents


    WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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