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Man sprinkles salt on carrots

Grill Everything

With a huge range of temperature zones, and oven-like control, you can take your culinary curiosity outside and grill with a freedom that has never been possible before with charcoal.

  • Smoked Brisket

    Smoke at 200°F

  • Roasted Carrots

    Grill at 425°F

  • Grilled Watermelon

    Grill at 475°F

  • Freshwater Prawns

    Grill at 500°F

  • Yakitori Chicken

    Grill at 550°F

  • Neapolitan Pizza

    Bake at 900°F

Everyday cooking has the power to spark connection and creativity. And our grill is designed to give you more control so you can be more creative. So cook new things. Cook with confidence. Cook outside. And cook more often.

woman eatch roasted veggies
shrimp on a spark grill

Play with your food

Your fuel is your first ingredient.
And our custom charcoal Briqs ($4-6) give you a variety of authentic flavors to play with.

Applewood Grilling

For a light, slightly fruity smoke flavor.

Everyday Grilling

Your go-to Briq for grilling just about everything.

Hickory Grilling

For a more robust, full-bodied smoke flavor.

Quick Grilling (Coming Soon)

For quick, Tuesday night kind of grilling.

Woodfire Hight Heat (Coming Soon)

Gets rippin' hot for Neopolitan Pizza at 905F

Applewood Low & Slow (Coming Soon)

For longer smoking with a lighter, slightly fruity flavor.

Hickory Low & Slow (Coming Soon)

For longer smoking with a more robust, full-bodied flavor.

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