#color_black What's in the bundle?
10 Charcoal Briqs
Cutting Board
Temperature Probes
Companion App

As Seen on Good Morning America Spark One Starter Bundle
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Get the Spark that was featured on Good Morning America.

100 Day Risk Free Trial

3 Year Warranty

Free Shipping & Returns

0% APR Financing*

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What's in the bundle?
10 Charcoal Briqs
Cutting Board
Temperature Probes
Companion App

Try Spark with Zero Risk

100-Day Risk Free Trial

We're so confident you'll love you're Spark, we're the only grill with a 100-day trial. Love it or send it back.

0% APR Financing*

We offer financing through Affirm, with a monthly payment starting as low as $55/month.

Free Shipping & Returns

Shipping is free for both our grills and Briqs. We make returns seamless and easy.

It's the age-old debate


Slower to start
Harder to control
Messier to clean up
Higher heat, wider range of temps
Richer, smokier range of flavors


Quicker to start
Easier to control
Simpler to clean up
Lacks temp range for different dishes
Lacks flavor

Tuned for every

Perfecting flavor is about perfecting heat. Thanks to the Briq, charcoal is no longer a one-temperature-fits-all way of cooking. By tuning the density, dimensions and makeup of each Briq, Spark gives you unprecedented range and control that lets you do more than ever with charcoal – from perfect low and slow ribs at 250º F to a wood-fired oven style pizza at 900º F.

high-heat-briq High-Heat 600-900°F
30-45 minute cook time

The High Heat Briq lets you really bring the restaurant home. Nail steakhouse-quality steak with those ultra hot searing temperatures that hard-to-find Maillard reaction. Or, even grill Neapolitan-style pizza hot and fast, with the classic, smoky flavor of American hardwood charcoal.

everyday-briq Everyday 500-700°F
60-90 minute cook time

There’s nothing like the flavor you get from natural American hardwood charcoal. Burning long enough to cook multiple courses, with a temperature range hot enough to sear, our Everyday Grilling Briqs give you endless creativity and ultimate versatility.

quick-briq Quick 450-600°F
30-45 minute cook time

When was the last time you cooked with charcoal on a Tuesday night? Designed with less mass than our Everyday Briq, for quicker grilling, our Quick Briq is made from natural American hardwood charcoal for that perfect flavor you can’t get with propane – while still giving you effortless ignition and control.

low-slow Low & Slow 250-350°F
6-8 hour cook time

When it comes to classic barbecue, low and slow is the way to go. Cooking for a long time at a low temperature helps meat (especially tougher cuts) stay juicy, flavorful and fall-off-the-bone tender. Plus, cooking long and low will bring out the most distinctive, smoky flavor. Made from American hardwood charcoal, our Low & Slow Briq lets you transform your Spark into a smoker.

Grill Everything

Meet Spark

Inspired design
that's built to last

The sleek, minimalist design looks beautiful in your backyard. But every part of the grill is built with durability and function in mind. From the steel tubes of the cart to the double-walled porcelain enameled shell, Spark is built to last.

- Double-walled porcelain-enameled steel kettle

- Heavy duty, high-quality cast iron grates

- Easy-loading Briq drawer

- Large 368 sq. in. cooking area (about 12 burgers)

- Durable steel frame

- Bamboo cutting board

Steel frame

Don’t let the sleek look fool you. The cart is made of powder-coated steel for durability in all weather and conditions.

Easy-loading Briq drawer

No more removing grates or dumping charcoal out of a bag. Just open the drawer, pop in the Briq, and you're ready to go.

Double-walled porcelain-enameled steel kettle

Heavy-duty, ceramic-insulated shell locks in heat like an oven, at temperatures up to 900F. Porcelain enameled exterior is durable enough to stand the test of time against any weather and conditions.

Bamboo cutting board

Beautiful, durable and knife-friendly, the 15x17x0.5 in bamboo cutting board nests in the side table of the grill, so you can take it in and out with your food prep. The sleek, modern design cleans and stores easily.

Large, 368 sq. in. cooking area

With fully usable, edge-to-edge design, the cooking area comfortably fits about 12 large burgers at once and the dome height is tall enough to cook about a 12-pound turkey.

Enamel coated cast iron grates

The choice of pro chefs, cast iron grates hold and transfer heat better, longer and at higher temperatures giving you that perfect, restaurant-style sear.

2 ways to cook for even more control

grilling a sweet potato on a Spark Grill Everyday Direct Heat

With the heat spreader in, you can grill with even heat from edge to edge, for the largest direct cooking area.

Two-Zone Cooking

Remove the heat spreader to create an ultra hot zone directly over the charcoal and cooler indirect zones along the sides of the grill – perfect for high-heat searing.

Play with your food

When you don’t have to futz around with the fire, a whole new world opens up. More control means you can be more creative and confident in the way you cook, and more present at your cookout.

Our quality is guaranteed

3-Year Warranty

We offer a comprehensive 3-year warranty on every Spark.

World-Class Customer service

If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Real humans in Boulder, CO are ready to answer any question and help with any issue you encounter.

Craftsmanship Guarantee

We manage and touch every part of our product, so we can back it up. If something isn’t right, we guarantee we’ll make it right.

Fresh off the grill

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