Spark Change

Spark Change for Ghana's Future

We believe in the importance of cooking. We also know that providing food for our loved ones, safely and affordably, is a privilege not afforded to everyone. Let’s make a change.

Spark has partnered with CookClean Ghana Limited to introduce a new way of cooking in Ghana homes. The result? Improved financial health for families and communities throughout Ghana. Learn how you're helping to effect change when you join the Spark community.

CookClean Ghana Limited

CookClean is on a mission to improve the financial health of ghana families and communities.

The Cookmate Consumes

50% less charcoal than the traditional stove

Energy, including the charcoal that is needed to produce hot water and cook food, consumes a devastating portion of the average Ghanaian family's annual earnings.

The reduced need for charcoal leads to life-changing financial savings for many Ghanaian families. This money can instead be spent on the family.

man on motorcycle

These financial savings can

Help provide families with the money for...

School fees for children who would have to stay out of school otherwise.
More food for the family.
Purchase of a productive asset, like a motorcycle.
Home improvements or goods.
The growth of a small business that provides necessary family income. OR...
Anything. Everyone is different, and families make the best decisions for themselves on what to do with their savings.

Every spark purchase helps

Reduce charcoal Use

Enrich the lives of families

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Improve Livelihoods

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