On your Spark Grill


Step 1 - Prep your Spark
  • Always use the heat spreader when cooking with a pizza stone. The stone can crack when exposed to direct intense flames.
  • Always remove your cutting board from the side table before cooking with high heat on your Spark. The board could be damaged from the high heat of the kettle.
Spark Grill Pizza Instructions Take Off Side Table
Step 2 - Remove Grates & Place Stone
  • Make sure your Heat Spreader is in place & remove your cutting board.
  • Never put a cold or wet pizza stone in a hot Spark – this can cause the stone to crack.
Step 3 - Load a High-Heat Briq
Running low on High-Heat Briqs?
Step 4 - Start Your Spark
  • Set the temperature between 750°F and 900°F (our favorite temp is 850°F).
  • Close the lid immediately after lighting the Briq to quickly reach a high cooking temperature.
  • Once the dial has turned white, you've reached your target temperature! It’s time to prep your pizza.
  • Much like a wood-fired brick oven, the flames from the high heat Briq are what give your pizza that ideal signature crust.
Step 5 - Time to Grill
  • Cook with the pizza directly on the stone for about 30-40 seconds, or until the bottom is done to your liking.
  • Slide the peel under the pizza and close the lid, let it continue to cook on the peel for another 1-3 minutes until desired crispiness is reached. This allows the top of your pizza to finish cooking without burning the bottom.
  • Remove the pizza from the grill and place it on a cooling rack for 1-2 minutes before cutting.
  • Watch our instructional videos to see an example of our technique!
Step 6 - Clean Up & Care
  • Only use a flat scraper or brush to clean your pizza stone.
  • Never soak, and never put in the dishwasher.
  • Avoid using soap and water if possible. Soap can damage the stone and increase the likelihood of cracking. Water can be used if the stone is thoroughly dried afterwards.
Step 7 - Show us your creations!
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