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Spark Grill Prime Package
Frankie-Jo G. (Roswell, US)
Terrific invention !!

Outstanding grilling experience. So easy and everything so tasty!!
Thanks for building such a perfect grill — No other like it — beats every grill on the market.

Spark Grill Prime Package
Beverly C. (Bowie, US)
Cautiously Optimistic

I purchased one of the “reduced price” Spark grills. It arrived super fast, and it looks great. I didn’t find any scratches or dents, so I’m worried that my grill was returned for other reasons (mechanical or ignition system?).

I watched all of the tutorials and followed all of the instructions to the “T”, but the first charcoal briqs was slightly too big to fit in the tray. When I tried to cut it down to size (a messy and difficult affair to say the least), it broke in two at the ignition area, so that briq wouldn’t ignite because it had been out of the package too long. The second brick fit and ignited just fine. The third brick did not fit, so I figured out how to cut it down quickly, to prevent the alcohol from escaping.

I then had two additional issues with ignition a day or so later (after going through the ignition process, it didn’t light and I had to turn off the grill and start over).

Here’ my take on the grill: at approximately $5 per briq, it is frustrating and costly to have to throw out failed briqs due to ignition problems. The company should replace those briqs.

While I doubt it, rookie error could have contributed to one of the attempts, but bricks made too large to fit the pan are on the company. I plan to give it a few more tries with the hopes that things will work out.
P.s. the company contacted me and offered to replace the failed briqs. I respect that!

Spark Grill Prime Package
A.S. (Alexandria, US)

I am obsessed with this grill! Absolutely love it. So convenient and makes the tastiest food. I used to hesitate to grill on weeknights but now use this 2-3 times a week. Took me a long time to decide to buy this due to cost and proprietary nature of the bricks but so glad I did. Worth every penny. Bricks are amazing and clean up is a breeze. Plan to recommend this grill to anyone who will listen to me prattle on and on...

Spark Grill Prime Package
Darl J. (Richmond, US)
Darl J

Fantastic piece of equipment. From the design to the construction, ease of maintenance and cooking this unit exceeds all our expectations. I highly recommend this grill if you love cook outside! The tutorials will get you up an running quickly and you will develop a "chef like" skill in cooking. I cant say enough about this unit. Start your adventure today!

Spark Grill Prime Package
Jerry N. (Bonita Springs, US)
Exceeds My Expectations

It still amazes me how accurately this charcoal-fired grill can maintain grilling temperature for as long as I need it ... and how fast it can get up to the desired temperature. Easy to use and much easier clean compared to my old gas-fired grill. Sturdily built. Only request is that the Spark engineers consider adding a full flat metal shelf that can be attached to the four legs about 18 inches from the floor.

Spark Grill Essentials Package
Michelle G. (Brooklyn, US)
Love this Grill!

Totally worth the money which was the biggest obstacle for me. I use it 3 - 4 times a week minimally. It gets so hot (fast) that I can cook steak the way I like it - black and blue - without any fuss or guess work. The video tutorials are great. There is a learning curve - customer service is fantastic - and you want to keep ahead of your own demand for briquets. I use the leftover ash for my gardening. The temperature app is a great bonus. I have cooked pizza (def watch the video before you do this) and I put my cast iron pan on the grill to cook paratha bread - works like a charm.

Spark Grill Prime Package
Jeannie M. (Saugerties, US)
Very Convenient!

I've always struggled at the grill, whether gas or charcoal. Not anymore, this grill gives you all the control you need to be successful. My only complaint is that my briq's do not always ignite. Customer support is excellent and walked me through checking the ignitor and there were no issues there. So, my assumption is that every once in a while, you get a 'bad' briq. But not to worry you can simply ignite them manually using a match or lighter...just be careful when you do that. Cleanup is a breeze. I've made the best steaks, burgers, chicken, pizza and kabobs thus far. The briq's are a little pricey but I think all the time you save and the food coming out perfectly is worth it.

Spark Grill Prime Package
Jane L. (Pacific Palisades, US)
Best grill ever!

This grill is a total game changer. It is so easy to use and maintain. Lighting the fire and clean up is a breeze. But most importantly, the flavor, precision temperature controls, and temperature probes make cooking with it an unparalleled experience. I would never have dreamed charcoal cooking could be so enjoyable and yield such amazing results. We use it a few times a week and have tried the various briqs. They all work as described. And customer service is amazing. They have always been so responsive and helpful (thanks, Jesse!) and care about making my Spark experience a great one!

Spark Grill Prime Package
David P. (Saint Paul, US)
Honest Review

If you are looking for a grill this is easier than gas and it is as clean as gas.. The Charcoal Bricks make it simple as long as you keep a few spare for when you forget to order more and want to grill....
We have used it for pizzas and it worked great, you could do many pizzas in a short period of time if you needed to feed a soccer team, you could!
The app is great, to be picky, I wish it worked with your Apple Watch.
The Spark looks great however the cover fades very quick.. that would be one recommendation for improvement or replacement. The cover does fit well and is easy to put on and off.
All in all this grill is a 9 out of 10.

Spark Grill Prime Package
Doug H. (Houston, US)
Great grill

Better than gas. Better than charcoal. Briqs are expensive but the sheer convenience is worth it. Happy so far.

Great BBQ

Easy, clear, works like an oven but tastes like a BBQ

Finally a BBQ that can be handled by non BBQ professional

Spark Grill Prime Package
C.O. (North Bergen, US)
Best Grill Ever!!

I had never grilled outdoors before and I used this grill like 7 or 8 times in the first month and a half haha. So simple to use, delicious food.

Spark Grill Prime Package
Steve (New York, US)
Game changer!

I have no regrets! I'm grilling all the time now. It's so easy and tastes so good. My friend has a gas grill, a smoker and his wife just bought him a pizza oven. I just have the spark! And great customer service.

Spark Grill Prime Package
Giuseppe M. (Highland Park, US)
Great grill and then some

Grill is unparalleled. One of the best engineered products I have ever had.
What is even better is the customer service.
FYI- made first pizza on the grill. I will never make my pizza napoletana indoors

Spark Grill Prime Package
S.H.A. (Newport, US)
Love it

Love this thing, easy to use. The temperature control, probe and phone app make grilling more precise.
Should have a shelf on the bottom for convenience.

New user

We love the food it grills. There is a learning curve but I’m having fun. Customer service is the best. Thank you.

Spark Grill Prime Package
Nicholas M. (Sioux Falls, US)

This grill is nothing short of what I thought it would be. I’ve enjoyed cooking various things & use it often. Without a doubt I recommend this grill!

Spark Grill Prime Package
Henry E. (North Highlands, US)
Great way to que!

I have been using my spark grill through this summer and as advertised, this things get hot fast. It adds great flavors to my bbq ribs, burgers and chicken. I'm happy with my experience and would recommend to anyone who likes grilling. The product is easy to use and with control on temperatures, this a a breeze to cook.

Spark Grill Prime Package
Steve T. (Dartmouth, CA)
Chillin’ while Grillin’

I’ve been giving my spark a good workout this summer. I am very pleased with the results so far. So much so, that I have started patronizing a local meat market rather than buying supermarket cuts. Perfect steaks are a snap, usually accompanied by grilled veg. The two probes helps me produce a medium rare steak for my wife and medium for me. One of my favorite pastimes is smoking a couple racks of baby-backs low and slow while enjoying the deck life. BTW, the pizza kit is a great add-on. There’s a bit of a learning curve with preparing the perfect Neapolitan-style pizza, but, once you get the hang of it, the result is divine. All in all, the Spark Grill is a fun and versatile product that’s become the barbecue workhorse at our place in the woods!

5-star Customer Service

I’ve already left a review for the product, but really want to take a moment to highlight the great customer service experience I had — Very proactive and extremely thoughtful, customer-first approach. I’m impressed. Thanks!

Spark Grill Essentials Package
Mark F. (Chicago, US)
I’m Obsessed With My Spark Grill

What a terrific grill! It’s perfect for a high rise/mid rise balcony. It is very well designed and detailed and doesn’t block the view! It even looks good with it’s precisely made cover. Features I appreciate as a designer.

I like that one can have a safe charcoal grilling experience without the mess of bags of charcoal and the need for toxic/dangerous lighter fluid or bulky propane tanks.The easy to use briqs store simply (again great for City living with limited space) and offer a variety of grilling options. One suggestion I have is to supplement the briqs with wood chip (mesquite/hickory) or herb pack options.
The grill is easy to operate once you get the hang of it and the app is a nice feature and is handy while entertaining. The grill surface is surprisingly large for its size.

Most importantly, the food grilled tastes great! The tutorials are helpful. So far I’ve grilled steaks, hamburgers and chicken. All have had nice char, juiciness and great barbecue flavor!

Finally, the customer support is superlative! The team is knowledgeable, prompt and patient.

Looking forward to many years of Spark Grilling!

Spark Grill Prime Package
Theresa B. (Arlington, US)
Lucky us to be part of the Spark Grill Family

I ordered a grill for my husband’s 2021 Father’s Day treat in April 2021. Was always impressed with the updates after non-delivery and understood that supply chain issues were impactful. That said, I finally cancelled the order in late 2021. What was I thinking? Fortunately I came to my senses and reordered for this year’s Father’s Day gift. What a grill and what an experience! Had a few hiccups with assembly …probably user error…but customer service and product is outstanding. Thank you to Jesse and Cayde for always being there to respond with whatever. This is a very special grill and we are very happy to be part of the experience. Here is to your continuing to be there 150% for your customers. We need you and you need us. Thank you!

Spark Grill Prime Package
Not H. (Elgin, US)
No Drip Pan, Heat control takes a long time to adjust, No handle to move, Briqs don't fit in pan

I have used this twice now, and had grease dripping out the bottom of the kettle. Emailed customer support and they told me "We do have designs in mind to help eliminate this issue, though at this time I don't have a timeline for it available and it's still in the prototyping phase. " You would think for the cost that this would have been considered early on and found in testing. It just drips from the bottom of the kettle, and the splatter burns your feet.
Next, the temperature takes a long time to go up and down and I am not achieving the higher temps listed on the Briqs for everyday use. It likes to stay in the 450-500 range.
Then, the seasoning Brig and two everyday briqs I have used do not fit in the Briq pan. They are about 1/8" to big to fit inside. If you try to push the Briq it breaks, which by there own literature will cause the briq not to burn properly.
Finally, there is not handle to move the cart. You just have to pick up the side of the cart to move. Make sure you install the wheels under the kettle side.

Hi there,

We appreciate you sharing this feedback and are sorry to hear you are completely satisfied. We contacted you to offer a full refund since it sounds like the Spark is not a great fit for you. We were happy to hear you decided to try it a few more times.
We rarely receive a report of grease dripping and have never heard that a customer's foot was injured. It is true that we do not currently have a solution to implement on the grill itself. In the meantime we happily provide grease mats free of charge in the event this is needed.
We are happy to troubleshoot Briqs not reaching higher temperatures or fitting in the Briq pan and we always replace Briqs free of charge whenever a customer experiences any issue.
We hope things work out but stand by our offer for a refund. Thanks again for the review.

Spark Grill Prime Package
Josh C. (Seattle, US)
Great...when using the right briqs

I've used my Spark about a dozen times so far, and have experimented with each of the different Briq types at least twice. Overall, the grill is really cool and I'd recommend it to anyone (who can afford it). The Low & Slow and High Temp Briqs work nicely. My biggest feedback, though, is that the Quick and Everyday Briqs are worthless. Don't waste your money; I've yet to see sustained heat over 500-degrees for more than about 10-15 minutes, from either (including the time it takes to heat the grill). Please improve the formula or at least update the descriptions to better represent the actual burn-times.

Hey Josh,

We are happy to hear you are enjoying your Spark. We don't typically receive reports of problems with Everyday or Quick and those are by far the two most purchased types of Briqs. We continuously evaluate our processes to ensure temperature and times are reliable, and we stand behind the recipe we follow for making all of our Briqs. The issue you describe suggests that there might be a problem unrelated to the Briq. Our Customer Team reached out to troubleshoot with you and we look forward to confirming that we resolved this issue.

Thanks so much for your review.

Spark Grill Prime Package
Bill P. (Liberty Hill, US)
Great grill

I have had my grill over a year and used it many times. The only problems I have had were update issues ( twice ) with the software an they were my own fault . Holds temperatures great and I have found the recipes and tips helpful . Customer service has been great and ordering charcoal a snap . Excellent product !!