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Spark Grill Prime Package
C.O. (North Bergen, US)
Best Grill Ever!!

I had never grilled outdoors before and I used this grill like 7 or 8 times in the first month and a half haha. So simple to use, delicious food.

Spark Grill Prime Package
Giuseppe M. (Highland Park, US)
Great grill and then some

Grill is unparalleled. One of the best engineered products I have ever had.
What is even better is the customer service.
FYI- made first pizza on the grill. I will never make my pizza napoletana indoors

Spark Grill Prime Package
S.H.A. (Newport, US)
Love it

Love this thing, easy to use. The temperature control, probe and phone app make grilling more precise.
Should have a shelf on the bottom for convenience.

New user

We love the food it grills. There is a learning curve but I’m having fun. Customer service is the best. Thank you.

Spark Grill Prime Package
Nicholas M. (Sioux Falls, US)

This grill is nothing short of what I thought it would be. I’ve enjoyed cooking various things & use it often. Without a doubt I recommend this grill!

Spark Grill Prime Package
Henry E. (North Highlands, US)
Great way to que!

I have been using my spark grill through this summer and as advertised, this things get hot fast. It adds great flavors to my bbq ribs, burgers and chicken. I'm happy with my experience and would recommend to anyone who likes grilling. The product is easy to use and with control on temperatures, this a a breeze to cook.

Spark Grill Prime Package
Steve T. (Dartmouth, CA)
Chillin’ while Grillin’

I’ve been giving my spark a good workout this summer. I am very pleased with the results so far. So much so, that I have started patronizing a local meat market rather than buying supermarket cuts. Perfect steaks are a snap, usually accompanied by grilled veg. The two probes helps me produce a medium rare steak for my wife and medium for me. One of my favorite pastimes is smoking a couple racks of baby-backs low and slow while enjoying the deck life. BTW, the pizza kit is a great add-on. There’s a bit of a learning curve with preparing the perfect Neapolitan-style pizza, but, once you get the hang of it, the result is divine. All in all, the Spark Grill is a fun and versatile product that’s become the barbecue workhorse at our place in the woods!

5-star Customer Service

I’ve already left a review for the product, but really want to take a moment to highlight the great customer service experience I had — Very proactive and extremely thoughtful, customer-first approach. I’m impressed. Thanks!

Spark Grill Prime Package
Theresa B. (Arlington, US)
Lucky us to be part of the Spark Grill Family

I ordered a grill for my husband’s 2021 Father’s Day treat in April 2021. Was always impressed with the updates after non-delivery and understood that supply chain issues were impactful. That said, I finally cancelled the order in late 2021. What was I thinking? Fortunately I came to my senses and reordered for this year’s Father’s Day gift. What a grill and what an experience! Had a few hiccups with assembly …probably user error…but customer service and product is outstanding. Thank you to Jesse and Cayde for always being there to respond with whatever. This is a very special grill and we are very happy to be part of the experience. Here is to your continuing to be there 150% for your customers. We need you and you need us. Thank you!

Spark Grill Prime Package
Bill P. (Liberty Hill, US)
Great grill

I have had my grill over a year and used it many times. The only problems I have had were update issues ( twice ) with the software an they were my own fault . Holds temperatures great and I have found the recipes and tips helpful . Customer service has been great and ordering charcoal a snap . Excellent product !!

Spark Grill Prime Package
Nick b. (Madison, US)
Awesome Grill

This grill is incredible! Definitely well worth the money...sorry I waited so long to make the purchase!! Just got it sunday and have used it 5 times!

Spark Grill Prime Package
Roger H. (Somerset, US)
Great for a while, but we will see!

It was worth the wait. Our first use of the grill (after a hamburger) was a for a family gathering of about 20! This waas the first time I had done a family gathering so I was pretty nervous. The result was that everyone loved their food! And I loved cooking it! Then I cleaned the grill and tried to turn it on. Nothing happened. There was no light at the temperature gauge so there was obviously no electricity. So I naturally thought that I had screwed things up. I called your number and got ahold of Cayde. First it was great to get ahold of a person! As an eighty year old retiree I not keen on the modern systems of AI run answering systems. She was great! She listened to my story and told me that it was nothing to do with me and that the problem was a failure of the wiring to the starting ring. She happily told me that she would replace the kettle and that would solve the problem. That has happened. The replacement arrived today, three days after my conversation. I realize that we are working with the Rolls Royce of grills and I was thrilled to get the Rolls Royce customer service, which is summed up in the statement that a Rolls Royce never breaks down! Thank you Cayde and Spark Grill I, and my wife, are looking forward to years trouble free driving!!

Hey Roger,

Thanks for the great review, great to hear the grill was worth the wait.

We're sorry there was an issue with your original kettle. Every once in a while, rough shipping can result in electrical issues like you experienced. We're so glad that Cayde was able to promptly take care of all of your issues and get you grilling again. Our support team takes great pride in assisting our customers and we will have your back if anything else goes wrong moving forward.

We hope you have a great summer full of tasty grilled food.

Thanks again for the review, we appreciate it so much!

Spark Grill Prime Package
Kathleen T. (Fallbrook, US)
Glad I never gave up!

I ordered my grill in June of 2021 and it arrived in April of 2022. Despite all the teasing from friends and family I am so glad I persisted in waiting. On Sunday I used my trusty cast iron skillet to produce an amazing leg of lamb with the bone in!
The raves came from the same family that had been chuckling for months. Thank you for making the best grill ever!


We're glad you persisted as well! We also really appreciate your patience as we overcame a few supply chain interruptions earlier in the year. Its good to know the waiting is finally over.

That leg of lamb sounds like it was mighty tasty and worth the wait.

If you ever need anything, feel free to reach out to

Thanks so much for the review!

Spark Grill Prime Package
Keith G. (New Braunfels, US)
Spark stands behind its products!

I had a stuck door. Worked with customer service and as they couldn’t solve for it, they sent me a replacement grill! These guys really offer the best products and the the best service.


So glad our support team was able to get you another grill so you could get back to cooking!

Thanks for the kind words in this review, we really appreciate it!

Spark Grill Prime Package
Virginia (Hunt, US)

I am so happy with my decision. I never handled the outdoor cooking but now that I am a widow I was hesitant to work with charcoal (mess) and propane (managing tanks). I am so glad I waited for my purchase to come through. First of all, during the delay, the staff was so polite and helpful with updates. My son came out to put the grill together. We were both blown away by the engineering of the grill and the packaging to keep it safe in transit. He is an outdoor cook and was totally satisfied. I am comfortable with my new equipment and have tried a couple of the on-line recipes to get me started in this new adventure. Thank you for your ingenuity!

You're welcome Virginia and thank YOU for the nice words!

We're so glad to hear that our grill is allowing you to explore charcoal without the negative aspects that kept you away from it.

Stay tuned for many more tasty recipes in the future.

Thanks again!

Spark Grill Prime Package
Lynn F. (The Villages, US)
It’s not just pretty to look at!

After months of waiting for my grill to arrive I have now completed 4 meals and am feeling more comfortable with using it. I had a Big Green Egg prior to this and just got tired of how long it took for it to reach a stable temperature and then the clean up afterward. I’ve never been comfortable using a gas grill so when I read about this grill in my Food and Wine magazine I knew this was the solution. I’m still trying out different pizza dough recipes. I’m still getting used to the flames and sparks just after the briq ignites and am only grilling when there is very little wind.
The things I love the most are:
1. Customer service is outstanding.
2. It’s so pretty to look at.
3. It’s very easy to get the briq lighted and it comes up to temperature very quickly.
4. Clean up is much easier than the BGE.
5. The food has been yummy.
I wish there were 4 wheels because it is heavy and a struggle to move around with just 2 wheels.

Hey Lynn,

Thanks for typing up such a thoughtful review of our grill!

One of our goals is to save folks some time and effort over other grill options while still producing great results. It sounds like this goal was achieved in your case and that brings us a lot of joy.

Great feedback on the wheels, if we ever make a 4WD Spark Grill model, you'll be the first to know about it.

We also appreciate your feedback on the initial flames after the Briq is lit. We know flames can be a little intimidating sometimes, but there is nothing to be worried about as long as you follow instructions properly. The benefit of this hot initial burn is that the grill reaches temperature so quickly so you can cook right away.

Regarding grilling in the wind, we test our grills year round outside on the windy plains of Colorado (where gusts routinely peak well over 50MPH). We can confirm the Spark can handle the wind no problem.

If you have any questions on these points above, feel free to continue this conversation via email to and our CS team would be happy to go into more detail.

Thanks again for the review, we really appreciate it!

Spark Grill Prime Package
Customer (San Rafael, US)
I love it.

The grill is beautiful, innovative, and just pretty fantastic. I own a charcoal grill, a propane grill, and a smoker. This thing can do stuff that none of those can. Burgers and dogs, of course, but also the best steaks I've ever grilled (because it gets hot enough to get that really nice crust). Baby backs, whole chickens, thighs, pizzas...everything I've cooked on this thing has been better. I wasn't sure if I was going to like the charcoal "briqs" it uses, but I totally get it now. They come up to temp faster than propane, they're easier than charcoal and they just unlock a ton of possibility.

We're getting hungry just reading this review!

Unlocking culinary possibilities is one of our top goals so its wonderful to see it happening in action.

If you ever want to send us some food/grill pics or swap recipes, feel free to reach out at

Spark Grill Prime Package
Brandon J. (Portland, US)
This is a grilling revolution

I picked up the chef's package as I was intrigued by the pizza stone situation, and I gotta say, the versatility of this thing is amazing! The fact that it can get to 900 degrees is a game changer, and being ready to start grilling in under 10 minutes has had the unintended effect of me grilling a lot more than I used to. The fit and finish of the whole thing is very nice, and looks great on our patio (unlike the old drum grill I was using). I was worried about the cooking area not being large enough, but was pleasantly surprised - the photos don't do it justice. Overall, I'm very happy with the purchase and am looking forward to seeing what else I can grill.


Thanks for the review!!

We're glad the Spark allows you to step up your grilling frequency and versatility.

If you want any inspiration for new recipes or techniques, check out our recipe page at or feel free to call in or chat with one of the grilling experts on our CS team.

Thanks again!

Spark Grill Essentials Package
Kevin H. (Austin, US)
YeeeHawww! My outdoor cookin’ game is forever changed

We’ve had our Spark for 5 months and can honestly say, there’s no going back to propane for easy weeknight grillin’. EVER! The flavor + convenience factor is a game changer. No more sacrificing flavor for ease of use. Insert Briq, turn the dial to ignite it & set the temp and in just 5 minutes we’re fiery hot charcoal ready. Half an ice cold beer. When the Spark starts smoking my dogs know it’s time to start begging. Spark is the ultimate 3-in-1 tool. 100% happy. 100% recommend.


Thanks so much for the kind words!!!

We're so happy to hear that the grill is a hit for you and your four legged friends.

-Your friends at Spark

Spark Grill Essentials Package
Daniel B. (Dripping Springs, US)

Can’t say enough about how amazing my Spark grill is. Time saving and makes it so easy to cook a great meal every evening for everyone in the family. And the versatility is insane - to go from a slow and low cook of ribs to then a high heat pizza? Outstanding stuff and couldn’t be happier.


The kind words are much appreciated!

It is great to hear we can save you some time and effort and enable you to cook awesome ribs and pizza, who doesn't love that?

Thanks again!

Spark Grill Essentials Package
Customer (Dallas, US)
Wish I could give more stars

If it wasn’t enough that this grill is amazing, which it is, the support and overall brilliance of this company keep on surprising me. From the after sales support questions that are rapidly answered to the delicious recipes they provide, I could not be happier or more thrilled with my purchase. Worth every penny and more.

Hey there,

This is what we love to hear!

Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with everyone.

Our customer team LOVES to help, so it's great to know our service was up to par and that you are thrilled with your grill.

Spark Grill Prime Package - Archived
Daniel A. (Fort Thomas, US)
Finally don't have to choose between taste and convenience!

Amazingly easy to use. And man, is this thing beautiful. I was skeptical at first that it would do what it said, but not only is this thing up to heat and ready to cook in the time that it takes me to bring all my food outside, but it cooks MORE evenly than most gas grills I have used. And it makes everything it cooks incredibly delicious including every vegetable I've thrown on it. I've tried all the Briqs and I pretty much just use the everyday brick for everything now since it lasts longer and is up and running just as fast as the quick Briq. I am HAPPY to pay a few cents extra over regular briquets for this game-changing upgrade in experience. Seriously, I could not be happier. Also, the videos don't do the dial system justice- It looks so cool in person! My only possible gripe would be that there is no great way to store the cord- but that is such a minimal inconvenience compared to all the up-sides.

Hey Daniel,

Thanks for sharing this detailed review with everyone. It is so gratifying for us to see that you went from being a skeptic to writing these positive words about our grill.

You make a great point on storing our power cord, this is an excellent topic we can bring to the idea board for future product changes.

If you have any other ideas or need help with anything feel free to contact us direct at


Spark Grill Prime Package - Archived
Torrance S. (Hoschton, US)
Easy to be a Master griller

Spark makes it easy to grill anything you can imagine.

Spark Grill Prime Package - Archived
Love the Spark!

I am really loving this grill and offer three points of accolades: 1) the grill itself is really fun to use- it may take alittle learning curve but I am really enjoying the ride to learn/play with the new system 2) the food tastes great with a unique smoke flavor that is nice and which I havent noticed with other charcoal/wood smokers and grills and 3) customer service has been the best I've experienced anywhere. For those grill-heads who have multiple grills/smokers etc...(I have four- traditional Weber, original Traeger when they were owned by the Traeger family, a recently acquired Blackstone griddle and now Spark), the Spark is one I am really glad to have. It really does offer a new experience and flavor:)

Spark Grill Prime Package - Archived
Charlie P. (Boston, US)
Easy and well-designed

Absolutely obsessed with this grill. I'll be using it all year in Boston weather because of how this makes my food taste. The controlled temperature with charcoal is such a game changer and get a ton of compliments about how it looks on my deck. Next up is smoking a turkey for Thanksgiving... wish me luck.