This series of five videos is designed teach you key grilling techniques across the range of classic grilled foods from chicken and meat to seafood and vegetables. While your mouth waters, you'll get acquainted with the best practices for grilling on your Spark.

Burgers & Sausages

We bet a good percentage of your grill-outs include burgers, hot dogs and sausages. Follow along below to become a pro at these staples. Plus, you'll learn about Nicki's favorite homemade special sauce using a new pantry staple!


Another weeknight staple, chicken can be tricky to get right. In this lesson, Nicki reviews boneless and bone-in cuts and the key techniques to keep in mind for the best results. Plus, you'll get her recipe for a killer and unique BBQ sauce you'll want to slather on everything!

Steaks & Chops

Steaks are so rewarding when cooked on the grill, but after a sometimes hefty investment, it can be nerve-racking if you aren't 100% confident with your technique. Nicki will ease you mind with a range of techniques for bone-in and boneless steaks and chops.

Fish & Seafood

Fish and seafood can suffer common pitfalls like drying out or falling through the grates of the grill. In this video, you'll learn techniques for keeping the fish tender and easy to manage, including using planks and skewers.

Vegetarian Feast

Vegetables may be the underated heroes of the Spark grill. The even heat and temperature control combined with the charcoal flavor yields incredible results. Even if you're not a veg head, we bet you'll be won over! In this lesson, you'll learn techniques for grilling a range of vegetables plus tofu and halloumi cheese. Drizzle it all with Nicki's all-purpose green sauce and call it a meal!

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