Summer Entertaining Series

With Nicki Sizemore

Roasting Peppers on the Spark

Featured in the first episode of the Summer Entertaining Series is this technique for roasting peppers outside on the Spark. The roasted peppers are delicious on salads, folded into eggs or made into Nicki's grilled romesco sauce that gets blended up with roasted plum tomatoes, toasted pine nuts, blanched almonds, smoked paprika, garlic, sherry vinegar, extra-virgin olive oil and a pinch each of sugar, salt and pepper. To view the complete episode and get the recipe head over to Nicki's blog.

Grilling Potatoes on the Spark

In the second episode of Nicki's Summer Entertaining Series, she shows us the secret behind french fried–style grilled potatoes. She tops them off with a garlicky herb aioli. See the technique below and follow the link to Nicki's blog to see the complete video and recipe.

Grilling Peaches on the Spark

In the finale to the Summer Entertaining Series, Nicki makes a delicious grilled peach dessert with the same Everyday Briq she used to cook her entrée. See the technique below and visit Nicki's blog to see the full video and recipe.