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the Grill

Grill parts come from all over, are assembled in Thailand, and ship from Boulder, CO.

The grill cooking surface is 386 square inches (0.25 square meters). That’s enough space to fit about 12 burgers. The actual dimensions of the cast iron grates are 23.7 x 16.3 inches (602 x 414 mm). The dome height measured from the grates to the top of the lid is 5.9 inches (150 mm), which is tall enough to fit a 12 pound turkey.

The grill is built to last. It is super solid double walled stainless steel with ceramic insulation and a protective porcelain-enamel coating. The kettle weighs in at 77 pounds.

The grill is incredibly well-built and ultra durable: steel cart, steel kettle with a weather-resistant porcelain enamel coating, so it'll do a good job holding up. That being said, any grill will stay a little cleaner and last longer if you use a grill cover.

Our advice: if the grill lives under an awning, in a garage, or is otherwise a little protected, don't sweat it.  If the grill sleeps every night under the stars, maybe get it a cover.

Spark is actually pretty low powered for a majority of the time you are grilling. The max it draws is 60 Watts (which is the power supply limit), but on average it runs at about 30 Watts per hour.

The Briq

Briqs are made to be used once, so you can’t reuse it again. We know what you need depends on what you’re cooking and that’s why we offer Briqs that last different amounts of time. You can pick the one that matches what you want to cook.

Briqs are made at our manufacturing facility in Boulder, Colorado.

Our prices vary depending on the type of Briq. The cost per Briq ranges from a little over $4 for more frequent cooking needs to $8 for more speciality cooking purposes. 

It is tough to make a direct comparison of cost per cook with other charcoal briquettes or lump charcoal you purchase in a bag since you frequently use just a portion of the bag at one time. The best way to think about it is to consider how much of a bag you use at one time and the cost of the bag. If you purchase high quality charcoal of any variety our analysis puts the Briq right in line with a typical charcoal cooking session on other grills.

No. The Electric-Ceramic ignitor will light the briq without the use of lighter fluid. In fact, using lighter fluid could cause damage to the grill and void your warranty.

Yes, but the results will vary. Since you cannot use lighter fluid in a Spark Grill, and the grill is not designed to ignite third-party briquettes, it could prove to be difficult.

Shipping, Warranty & Returns

Yes. Shipping is free for all of the products that Spark offers.

No. If you are unhappy with your grill, Spark will cover the costs of return.

Our official warranty covers defects and workmanship issues that occur within three years from the date of delivery. But we’ve built our grills to last, so if you ever have issues after the first three years, let us know and we’ll happily do what we can to help out.

Please note though that the warranty is voided if you modify or disassemble the grill, drill into or weld onto the grill, or especially if you pour lighter fluid into the grill. 

OTHER Questions and PROP. 65 warning

WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Spark works with CookClean Ghana to help people in developing countries gain access to cooking technology that saves money and lives, and helps reduce deforestation.
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