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Whatever the issue, we are sure we have a solution. If you can't find the answer to your question below, please reach out to our support team for further assistance.


If the Briq gave off a puff of smoke within 30-40 seconds after your turned the ignition ring and that was followed by smoke, flames, and noticeable heat, then your Briq was properly lit. Wait 5-10 minutes with the lid open to let the flames die down and to let the Briq fully light before shutting the lid, then wait for your Spark to heat up to the temperature that you set on the dial. If the Briq lit properly, this should take roughly 5-15 min after shutting the lid to reach your desired temperature. 

If the Briq did not give an initial puff of smoke, or did give off smoke but then went out and the grill has no noticeable heat or flames following the ignition process, see the question below titled, “Why can’t I get my Briq to light?”.

If your Briq did not give off any smoke or flames or went out shortly after ignition, it’s a good idea to check on the following things listed below. If you prefer a video guide, you can find that here

Also, if you're in a hurry to get food on the table and don’t want to troubleshoot at this moment, you can carefully light your Briq with a match or BBQ lighter to get it started. Just hold the flame up to the holes on the edge of the Briq for best results. If a Briq won’t light even with a lighter, replace it, try again, then contact Spark support if that does not work. We will provide store credit for you in the event you have a Briq that fails to light.

If you are ready to troubleshoot, proceed to the checks below...

1. Ensure that the Briq is close enough to the ceramic ignitor in the back of the Briq drawer with the following checks. If you need a good view of the ignitor you can temporarily remove the grates and heat spreader.

-Is the Briq and Briq pan pushed all the way to the back of the Briq Drawer? 

-Is the Briq drawer firmly and completely closed?

-Does the Briq make contact with the ignitor in the back of the drawer when it is closed? 

2. Check if the ignitor in the back of the drawer is working properly and not in need of a cleaning with the following checks.

-Does the ignitor glow after you initiate the ignition sequence on the grill? 

(Check out this video to learn how to check if your ignitor is working.)

-Is the ignitor dirty, obstructed with debris or in need of cleaning?

(Check out this video to learn how to clean your ignitor.)

3. Ensure that the alcohol based ignition solution in your Briq has not dried out and is not too cold with the following checks.

-Has the Briq been out of its packaging for more than 2 minutes? 

-Was your Briq packaging damaged at all before the bag was opened? 

-Was your Briq being stored below 60F before lighting was attempted?

(For Briq storage advice, see the, "Where do I store my Briqs?" question below.)

4. Ensure that your ignition patch on your Briq is not broken or already burned away. Check out this guide that shows what an intact/used ignition patch looks like.  

-Has the ignition patch on the back of the Briq been burned/damaged or is it intact? If it is not intact, swap out your Briq for a fresh one and try lighting the grill again.

5. Contact Spark support.

If all of these checks do not work, then contact the Spark support team. If possible, save the packaging or write down the lot number on the bag for the Briq that failed to light.

Store your briqs in a cool and dry location away from heat producing appliances and combustible materials.

If your storage location gets below 60F in the wintertime, warm up the Briq that you are using by placing it inside for 30 minutes before you start the grill for best ignition performance.

We recommend igniting the Everyday, Quick and Low & Slow Starter Briqs with the lid open and to leave it open for a minimum of 5 - 10 minutes depending on the Briq type. Our High Heat Briqs will perform better if ignition is started with the lid open and then closed as soon as the Briq starts to spark. Click the links above to go to our Briq Learn Pages for information on igniting each Briq type.

This depends on how the Briq was broken. 

If the section of the Briq with the channel running down to the back of the Briq and the ignition patch is still intact, there is a good chance that the Briq will still ignite. When you load the pieces of the broken Briq in the Briq pan, try to ensure that the Briq is seated all the way to the back of the pan and that the Briq pan is pushed all the way to the back of the drawer to make sure that the ignition patch on the back of the Briq gets as close to the ignitor as possible. 

If the ignition patch is damaged, it is unlikely that the Briq will still ignite automatically in your Spark. However, if the pieces are assembled in the Briq pan before the alcohol evaporates, you can try lighting several spots of the Briq with a grill lighter before closing the drawer and waiting to see if the Briq will completely light for you.

It can take up to 10 minutes for the flames from the grain-based alcohol that physically lights the charcoal in the Briq to spread across the entire Briq, and for the charcoal in the Briq to completely light. 

If more than 10 minutes has passed and only a section of the Briq is burning, it’s possible that some of the alcohol evaporated off of the Briq before the ignition was started. This can happen when a Briq has been outside of its sealed bag for too long, if the Briq bag was punctured, or if the Briq was damaged. If this happens, don’t panic! Give the Briq some extra time for the flames to spread and light the charcoal. A partially lit Briq can still reach a set temperature within its designed burn range, but it will take longer to reach that temp. Please contact Spark Support with the Briq batch number from the bag label for assistance.

The time it takes for Spark to heat up after the Briq has completely lit and you close the lid will vary somewhat depending on the type of Briq that you are using and the temperature that you set on the dial. In general, if the Briq is fully lit Spark should only take 15 minutes after the ignition sequence was started to reach your set temperature.

Our Low & Slow Briq part of a two-Briq system and requires the Starter Briq to be ignited in the grill first. Then the Low & Slow Briq is placed on top of the Starter Briq after it has been given 10 minutes to fully light. Please review the condensed instructions printed on the Starter Briq bag label, watch this video, or check out the Low & Slow Briq webpage for more detailed instructions.

If a Briq is left out of its sealed bag for more than 2 minutes, enough of the alcohol that it is soaked in may have evaporated to make the automated ignition process very difficult. First, try to light several spots on the surface of the Briq and its vent holes with a grill lighter while it is in the Briq pan. If that doesn't work, we recommend removing that Briq and starting over with a fresh one. Please contact Spark support to be compensated for the loss of that Briq.

The Briq stays intact to make cleanup easy. After the grill has cooled, pull open the drawer at the front of the grill, remove the pan holding the Briq, and dump it into a charcoal-safe receptacle like a metal bucket with a sealing lid. Takes about 15 seconds, and you don't have to shower after.

Grill troubleshooting and care

Yes you can! When you are finished grilling, close the lid, then turn the ignition ring to the left/off position. Then leave the grill plugged in and walk away to enjoy your meal.

Depending on the Briq you are using and how much of it has burned, the grill may stay hot for a few minutes, to a few hours afterwards as it burns away the remnants of the charcoal.

Do not put the cover on or unplug the grill until the kettle and back vents on the lid are cool to the touch. 

If your Spark isn’t lighting up or powering up, don’t panic! There are several things that you can check when this happens.

Check the power: The first thing to do is to make sure that your power source for the grill is working properly. If you are unsure if your outdoor outlet is working properly, simply plug in a known working household accessory such as a phone charger and see if it provides power to your device. 

Check the firmware: If this doesn’t solve the issue, you may need to update the firmware on your grill. With the grill plugged in, connect the grill to the Spark Grills app on your phone and follow any prompts to update the firmware. After the firmware update has completed, give the grill up to 5 minutes to reset and try turning it on again. 

If these checks fail, contact the support department with a description of the issue and the checks you have made.

If you are having issues with the hinge on your grill, don't worry! we've got you covered.

Contact Spark support for a free hinge replacement kit that includes an upgraded hinge as well as everything you need to get it swapped out. While awaiting the replacement kit, be careful with the lid and help hold it open while using the grill in order to not damage the lid or kettle. 

We want your Spark to look as good as the day you assembled it - year after year. If you have any sort of deep scratches or chipping on your grill that you would like to repair, simply let us know and we can send you a free touch up paint kit.

Check out these videos for tips and tricks on how to clean your Spark.

APP & Firmware Troubleshooting

There are a few quick checks that you can perform to rule out any software or hardware issues with your grill. 

Check the power: Double check that you have the grill plugged into a working power source. The grill does not need to be on to connect to the app. It just needs to be plugged in and powered by the outlet. If you are in doubt that your power source is working, simply turn the ignition ring to the middle “on” position and check if the halo lights up. Once you confirm the grill has power, you can turn the ring to the left “off” position and continue trying to connect. 

Make sure you have bluetooth enabled on your phone: Go to the settings menu on your Apple device and select “Bluetooth." Ensure that you have the bluetooth antenna turned on. Here is a video that shows you how to do this.

Force close the Spark app: This will reset the App and can fix any frozen connections in the App. Here is a video that shows you how. 

-iPhone X (and later): From the Home Screen, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and pause in the middle of the screen. Swipe right or left to find the app that you want to close. Swipe up on the app's preview to close the app. 

-Iphone SE, Iphone 8 (and earlier): Double-click the Home button to show your most recently used apps. Swipe right or left to find the app that you want to close. Swipe up on the app's preview to close the app.

Make sure that you have bluetooth permissions enabled for the Spark app: Go to the settings menu on your Apple device and scroll down through the list of apps and select the Spark app. In the settings menu, make sure that you have the bluetooth toggle switch set to the on (right) position. Here is a video that shows you how to do this.

Make sure you have no other devices already connected to the grill: The grill only is able to connect to one device and Spark app at a time. If you have another device running the Spark app that is connected already, you will need to disconnect it before you set up the connection on your new device. 

Delete and reinstall the app: Sometimes when all of these other options do not work, it is necessary to uninstall and reinstall the Spark app. 

Contact Spark Support: If you are still unable to get a connection even after trying these steps above, let us know. Please have the iPhone model and iOS version information handy when reporting the issue, as this will help us pinpoint the issue quicker.

When an update is available, you will get a prompt on the home screen of the Spark app as long as you are connected and the grill is properly powered. If you are not seeing this prompt to update, check out the tips and tricks below.  

Make sure the grill is plugged in, and connected to the app. The grill is designed to block an update when it is in use. If you don’t see a prompt to update in the app, make sure that you have the grill plugged in, connected to the app, and that you are not in the middle of a grill session. When in doubt, just turn the ignition switch to the far left “off” position. The grill does not need to be on to connect to the app or update firmware, just plugged in to a working outlet. 

Make sure you are running the newest version of the Spark app: If you are not seeing any prompt to update, it may be possible that your Spark app is no longer up to date. Search the Spark Grills app on the Apple store or the Google Play store to see if there are any updates available.  

If the steps listed above do not work: Contact Spark support and we will work with you directly to get the grill updated.  

Here are some tips for helping the app complete the firmware update with the grill.

Keep your device close to the grill for the duration of the update: When updating firmware, keep the Spark app open and leave your device sitting on the grill side table for up to five minutes as the update loads. 

Keep the Spark app open with the screen on: Do not switch to any other apps or turn off the screen on your device. If you are having issues with the update stopping due to the auto screen lock feature on your iPhone, you can temporarily disable it by following these steps.

Don't worry! Most of the time, the grill is just taking a moment to process the update. Check out the tips below if you encounter this issue.

Wait a few minutes: It is normal for the grill to turn off following the update for around two minutes. During this period, your grill may appear unresponsive and not connect to the app or appear to turn on when the ignition ring is turned. When this occurs, simply wait a few minutes, then check on the grill again.

Unplug/plug the grill back in: If you wait two minutes and the grill still does not reconnect to the App or light up when the dial is turned on, you might need to power cycle the grill. To do this, simply unplug the grill from your power outlet for 30 seconds, then plug it back in. 

Try updating again (if possible): Sometimes, if the update fails to complete, the grill will temporarily be unresponsive as it reverts to the original firmware. If your update fails and you get another prompt from the app to load firmware, follow the on-screen instructions again and keep your phone close to the grill for the duration of the install.

If the steps listed above do not work: Contact Spark support and we will work with you directly to get the grill updated. 

setup & Assembly Troubleshooting

We strive to ensure that all our products arrive to you door in perfect condition. However, accidents and damage can happen in transit on occasion.

If any of your items arrive damaged in the box, don’t sweat it we’ve got you covered! 

If this occurs, please save the packaging and contact Spark support for assistance. We will get you the necessary replacement parts or repair kits sent out right away. 

If you are having trouble threading one of the cart screws, you can move the coupler that is inside each leg to better align the holes. If one hole doesn’t line up, locate the closest neighboring preinstalled cart post screw. Then loosen the screw 3-4 rotations (don't remove it) until the head of the screw is backed away from the cart post. With this screw loosened, you can now push this screw up/down or left/right until you have the neighboring hole on the cart properly aligned. Then, get both screws properly threaded, and tighten them both back down.

If you need further help with this, check out the tip at 1:10 in our assembly video.

These spare parts are for your cart and can be used if you have any issues threading the cart screws during assembly. 

While two people will make the process easier and quicker to do, one person can definitely build the grill on their own. Just be sure that before attempting alone that you are comfortable with lifting the 66lb kettle by the provided straps from the ground, up onto the grill. 

If the drawer on your grill gets stuck while transporting the grill or during shipping, try these steps. 

A: Remove the cooking grates and the heat spreader from the grill

B: Push down on the bottom of the drawer (if you have a Briq pan inside already, push downwards on that)

C: Then, while pushing downwards on the drawer with one hand, use your other hand to pull on the drawer facade. 

If the drawer does not open with around 20LBS of force at this point, contact Spark support for more assistance. 

Click here to download the Spark user manual.

We have a video version of the instructions available here.

Or, if you prefer a PDF version, you can download that here.