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Reimagine the creative possibilities of cooking with fiery charcoal to live flavorfully, everyday.


We believe in living a playful life rich in flavors and sparked by new experiences.
We believe curiosity fuels creativity.
We believe the joy of the cooking journey is the destination.

It’s this spirit that fuels our founding mission of reimagining the creative possibilities of cooking with fiery charcoal to live & play flavorfully, every day.

IF THIS ‘SPARKS TO YOU' . . . here’s why you’ll LOVE it.

Swiss Army Knife Culinary Versatility

Spark has innovated the first & only fully integrated charcoal cooking system with an unrivaled 250-900°F temperature range. From low-n-slow cookin’ at 250-350°F to 900°F searin’ and pizza makin’ and all of the glorious mid-range grillin’ temps (400-600°F) in between. There's nothing you can't cook on the Spark.

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“I’ve owned gas, pellet, and kamado grills… Spark has all of the benefits of my previous grill but in ONE product. The flavor and temperature control are unmatched. Very easy to use and clean." ~ Brett

Professional Chef holds spark briq and places it in a Spark Grill

Conveniently fun to use

With Spark, you don’t have to sacrifice convenience for flavorful fun. It's as easy as 1-2-3:

1) Remove the Briq from the package
2) Slip the Briq into the cast iron tray
3) Turn the dial to ignite it

The electric fans will begin stoking the Briq to get to your set temperature. Voilà, you’ll be cookin’ in less than 10 minutes. 

And when it comes to clean-up, easy peasy - both time & effort-wise. Allowing you to focus on that delicious & playful culinary journey.

“The only thing more impressive than the Spark Grill is the unwavering customer support that comes with it. Seriously - best in class. They actually want their customers to not only be happy but successful. We love our Spark Grill. A really great investment.” ~ Joseph

live Flavorfully

We believe in living flavorfully—literally and figuratively. Spark was designed & engineered from the onset so that you can explore your creative culinary craft without restraints and those pesky flare-ups. In other words . . . embrace the play.

If you can dream it, you can Spark it.

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“Spark has redefined the taste of charcoal grilled food. I'm now enjoying the tastiest steaks, vegetables, fish, baked potatoes, pizzas and fruit cobblers that I have ever made.  If you want to revolutionize your grilling experience, seize the day and buy a Spark.”~ Jim

Design & Quality Build Materials

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Is the Spark really capable of low-n-slow cookin’, traditional charcoal grillin’ AND high heat searin’ and pizza makin’? 

Indeed, it's more than capable and the only charcoal grill out there that can lay this claim. Check out our reviews. Spark owners often cite that ‘it really does what they say it will’.  We wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s this spirit that fuels our founding mission of reimagining the creative possibilities of cooking with fiery charcoal to live & play flavorfully, every day.

What are the dimensions of the grill and grate surface area?

Dimensions: 45W x 23.5D x 42.5H in. [kettle and cart]; 25.5W x 22.5D x 14.5H in. [kettle only]
Weight: 105 lb (fully assembled) / 77 lbs [kettle with cast iron parts only] / 28 lbs [cart only]
Cooking Grate Dimensions: 16.3 x 23.7 in. [fits 12 burgers]
Cooking Area: 368 sq. in. / Dome height 5.9 in. [fits a 12-lb turkey]
Power: 120C AC, 60W max, 30W/hr avg

What are the Spark charcoal Briqs made of?

Our proprietary charcoal Briqs, pressed and packaged at our headquarters in Boulder, CO are made with a blend of all-natural hardwoods that help to create that delicious smoky flavor.

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"I have really enjoyed this grill. I have cooked chicken, cedar planked salmon, steaks, and brisket on the Spark. I like it so much that I bought a Spark for my son, and my sister purchased one as well."

Scappoose, OR

"Well thought out, well built. Works like a charm. Makes grilling so easy!"

Paul R.
Macon, GA

"I cannot recommend this grill any more. It fires up incredible quickly and the flavor from cooking it is phenomenal. On top of it all, the grill looks beautiful. If you are looking for a new grill, you can’t go wrong here."

Patrick R.
Dallas, TX

"Thoughtfully designed, stylish and still a powerhouse that doesn’t take up your entire patio. It makes me feel like Bobby Flay even though I’m nowhere close (but he should watch out ‘cuz I’m getting good thanks to my Spark)!"

Virginia L.
Brentwood, TN

"This is the best grill I have ever seen or used. Just turn it on, set the temp, and off it goes. Brilliant."

David O.
Denver, CO