Why the delay?

We were shocked by enormous holiday demand, and some new machinery for expanding our production line was delayed in transit. We’ve recently added that machinery and more people to scale production, and are playing catch-up now, but don’t expect this to be an issue going forward.

Spark Grills Collections Spark Grills Collections

One grill.

100 Day Risk Free Trial

3 Year Warranty

Free Shipping & Returns

0% APR Financing*


Thoughtfully designed, built to last. 

Spark One


Spark One Starter Bundle



Unique charcoal blends for every cooking style.

Variety Pack  5-Pack


Low & Slow  5-Pack


Quick  9-Pack


Everyday  6-Pack


High-Heat  5-Pack



Custom-designed tools to make the most of your Spark.

Grill Cover


Temperature Probes


Cutting Board


Battery Pack


Pizza Pack


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