The Spark One - $100 Deposit

$100 ($949 total)

Pay $100 to reserve your grill. Pay the remaining $849 when the grill ships this fall. This special pre-order offer includes the grill, bamboo cutting board, and 20 charcoal Briqs. Our first batches will come in limited quantities, so order now to get the earliest ship date. $100 deposit is refundable.
$100 ($949 total)
Estimated shipping (Drop 3): 8/21 - 9/12
Estimated shipping (Drop 2): 7/31 - 8/14 SOLD OUT
Estimated shipping (Drop 1): 7/17 - 7/31 SOLD OUT


  • Briq Starter Pack


    As part of the pre-order offer, you will receive an assortment of 20 free charcoal Briqs (roughly $100 value).

  • Cutting Board


    18x14.5 inch bamboo cutting board nests perfectly into the side table of your grill.

  • Companion App


    With the Spark Grills mobile app (available on the App Store or Google Play), you can get notified when your grill is hot, connect to food probes and reorder Briqs with the tap of a button.

Plug it in

to a three-prong
120V AC outlet.


Pick Your Briq

Based on time, temperature
and flavor.


Insert the Briq

into the custom
sliding drawer.


Fire it up

with the turn
of a switch.


Electric Ignitor

An electric ceramic ignitor
lights the briq instantly.


Cast Iron Grates

For perfect sear
and perfect sizzle.


Ready in minutes

Halo turns white when
you're at your target temp.


Precision control

200-900°F. Turn it up.
Turn it down.


Easy cleanup

Just let it cool,
then dump the Briq Pan.


Grill details

Features & specs


Dimensions - H x W x D
45 x 20 x 42 inches
1143 x 518 x 1088 mm

Cooking Area
368 square inches
About 12 burgers
Cast iron grates

Total: 105 lbs
Kettle: 77 lbs
Steel Cart: 28 lbs

Double-walled steel kettle
Ceramic insulation
Porcelain enameled shell for weather resistance

120V AC
(optional) 12V 60W Battery Pack

Bluetooth Low Energy BLE 4.2

Stoke and Cooling Fans

12V 60W

Free shipping & 60-day test drive

Free shipping

Shipping is free. No hidden charges whatsoever.

60-day test drive

If you don't love your grill, we'll happily take it back.

Fast re-orders

Charcoal deliveries are fast and direct to your door. No more extra errands to the store.



When will grills ship?

Beginning in July, but initial quantities are limited so order now to reserve yours.

Do you ship outside the lower 48 states?

Not yet. In the meantime, reach out and we’ll add you to the announcement list for when we launch Alaska, Hawaii, and international shipping options.

Do you collect sales tax?

In the great state of Colorado, yes. In the rest of the US, nope. But in other states, customers are required to self-report and pay taxes under their state's laws. Our lawyer told us to emphasize that last part.

Where do you manufacture?

Briqs are made in the USA, at our office in Boulder to be specific. Grill parts come from all over, are assembled in Thailand, and ship from Boulder. 

How much will Briqs cost?

About $4-6 per briq, depending on the type and size.  We’ll also throw in a bunch of free charcoal with your initial order. 

Can I ask more questions?

Yes! Just email us at, give us a ring or shoot us a text at 720-713-7526. We’d love to hear from you.

Try Spark risk-free

We stand by the quality of every grill we make. Try us out, and if you're not happy, we make returns super easy.

60-Day test drive

If you don't love your grill, we'll gladly take it back.

1 year warranty

We've got you covered if you run into any defects in materials or workmanship.

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