Grilling Briqs - 6 Pack

Sometimes perfect flavor calls for real low and real slow. Made from a mixture of natural hardwood charcoal fines and applewood woodchips, the Applewood Low & Slow Briq is perfect for bringing a slightly fruity flavor when smoking milder meats like chicken or pork.


- 6 Pack

Insert the Briq

into the custom
Briq drawer

Fire it up

with the turn of a switch.
No lighter fluid needed.

Easy cleanup

Just let it cool,
then dump the Briq pan.

What makes
the Briq special

Made from American hardwood charcoal, our Briqs are uniquely designed by food and biomass scientists to ignite in seconds, get hot in minutes and give you more control over your cooking temperature.

Learn about the Briq

Authentic Ingredients

We start with a blend of American hardwood charcoals, then add a mix of wood chips from hickory, applewood, or other natural woods depending on the smoke profile we're going for.

Unmatched charcoal flavor

Charcoal gives your food better flavor, period. It also burns at a much greater range of temperatures, which also helps you cook better food. You just don't get the same sear on a propane grill at 450°F as you do with charcoal at 700–800°F.

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