Low & Slow Briqs

$100 $50

Designed to burn 6–8 hours at 200–300F, and made from a mixture of natural hardwood charcoal fines and applewood woodchips, the Applewood Low & Slow Briq is perfect for longer smoking with things like pork shoulder or ribs.
$100 $949
Estimated shipping (Drop 3): 8/21 - 9/12
Estimated shipping (Drop 2): 7/31 - 8/14 SOLD OUT
Estimated shipping (Drop 1): 7/17 - 7/31 SOLD OUT


  • Briq Starter Pack


    As part of the pre-order offer, you will receive an assortment of 20 free charcoal Briqs (roughly $100 value).

  • Cutting Board


    18x14.5 inch bamboo cutting board nests perfectly into the side table of your grill.

  • Companion App


    With the Spark Grills mobile app (available on the App Store or Google Play), you can get notified when your grill is hot, connect to food probes and reorder Briqs with the tap of a button.

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