Spark Grill Prime Package
Spark Grill Prime Package
Spark Grill Prime Package
Spark Grill Prime Package
Spark Grill Prime Package

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Spark Grill Prime Package

  • All-in-one charcoal fueled grill with 250-900°F temperature range for low & slow cooking, mid-temp grilling, high-heat searing and pizza making. 
  • Built to last with a double-walled porcelain enameled and insulated steel kettle. 
  • High-quality, wide cast iron grill grates for superior caramelization.
  • Easy turn dial, electric ignition; no chimney or lighter fluid needed, fiery hot charcoal in 10 minutes or less.
  • No ashy mess from start-up to cleanup with single-use, natural wood blend, compostable charcoal Briqs.
  • Connected bluetooth app that monitors grill and cook temps.
  • Large 386 square inches (16.3 x 23.7 in) cooking surface; fits about 12 large burgers.
  • Comes with a Variety Pack of Briqs, cutting board, temperature probes, grill cover and 15-foot power cord.

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Award-Winning Design
Dial-Controlled Temperature
Instant Ceramic-Electric Ignition
Large Grill Kettle Surface
Removable Briq Tray

8 Charcoal Briqs

1 Seasoning Briq
2 Quick Briqs
3 Everyday Briqs
1 High Heat Briq
1 Low & Slow Briq


Designed to sit perfectly on the 18x24” side table of your Spark. Grooved perimeter well to collect run-off scraps & juices. Bamboo is harder than wood or plastic, so it’s more durable and easier to care for.

2 Temperature Probes

Stainless Steel probes connect directly to your kettle. Use with the Spark app to get alerts when your food is ready. Wipe clean with a damp rag and soap.

15ft power cord

Our extra-long power cord lets you put your Spark anywhere you please. Durable rubber construction prevents burns and cuts.

Grill cover

Water and rip-resistant fabric fits like a glove and secures on all sides. Vented to prevent moisture buildup.

your digital sous chef

Professional Chef holds spark briq and places it in a Spark Grill



Our patented Briqs take the guesswork out of charcoal. Enjoy all the flavor of cooking with charcoal, without the fuss.

Customer Reviews

Based on 154 reviews
Frankie-Jo G. (Roswell, US)
Terrific invention !!

Outstanding grilling experience. So easy and everything so tasty!!
Thanks for building such a perfect grill — No other like it — beats every grill on the market.

Beverly C. (Bowie, US)
Cautiously Optimistic

I purchased one of the “reduced price” Spark grills. It arrived super fast, and it looks great. I didn’t find any scratches or dents, so I’m worried that my grill was returned for other reasons (mechanical or ignition system?).

I watched all of the tutorials and followed all of the instructions to the “T”, but the first charcoal briqs was slightly too big to fit in the tray. When I tried to cut it down to size (a messy and difficult affair to say the least), it broke in two at the ignition area, so that briq wouldn’t ignite because it had been out of the package too long. The second brick fit and ignited just fine. The third brick did not fit, so I figured out how to cut it down quickly, to prevent the alcohol from escaping.

I then had two additional issues with ignition a day or so later (after going through the ignition process, it didn’t light and I had to turn off the grill and start over).

Here’ my take on the grill: at approximately $5 per briq, it is frustrating and costly to have to throw out failed briqs due to ignition problems. The company should replace those briqs.

While I doubt it, rookie error could have contributed to one of the attempts, but bricks made too large to fit the pan are on the company. I plan to give it a few more tries with the hopes that things will work out.
P.s. the company contacted me and offered to replace the failed briqs. I respect that!

A.S. (Alexandria, US)

I am obsessed with this grill! Absolutely love it. So convenient and makes the tastiest food. I used to hesitate to grill on weeknights but now use this 2-3 times a week. Took me a long time to decide to buy this due to cost and proprietary nature of the bricks but so glad I did. Worth every penny. Bricks are amazing and clean up is a breeze. Plan to recommend this grill to anyone who will listen to me prattle on and on...

Darl J. (Richmond, US)
Darl J

Fantastic piece of equipment. From the design to the construction, ease of maintenance and cooking this unit exceeds all our expectations. I highly recommend this grill if you love cook outside! The tutorials will get you up an running quickly and you will develop a "chef like" skill in cooking. I cant say enough about this unit. Start your adventure today!

Jerry N. (Bonita Springs, US)
Exceeds My Expectations

It still amazes me how accurately this charcoal-fired grill can maintain grilling temperature for as long as I need it ... and how fast it can get up to the desired temperature. Easy to use and much easier clean compared to my old gas-fired grill. Sturdily built. Only request is that the Spark engineers consider adding a full flat metal shelf that can be attached to the four legs about 18 inches from the floor.