Spark One Starter Bundle

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  • Easy ignition, no chimney or lighter fluid needed
  • Set and hold temperature up from 250F to 900F
  • Smoky charcoal flavor you can’t get with propane
  • Simple, no mess charcoal cleanup
  • Built to last with double-walled porcelain enameled steel kettle
  • Easy setup, plugs into a standard three-prong outlet



Award-Winning Design
Dial Controlled Temperature
Instant Ceramic-Electric Ignition
Large Grill Kettle Surface
Removable Briq Tray for Easy Clean Up

8 Charcoal Briqs

1 Seasoning Briq
2 Quick Briqs
3 Everyday Briqs
1 High Heat Briq
1 Low & Slow Briq


Designed to sit perfectly on the 18x24” side table of your Spark. Grooved perimeter well to collect run-off scraps & juices. Bamboo is harder than wood or plastic, so it’s more durable and easier to care for.

2 Temperature Probes

Stainless Steel probes connect directly to your kettle
Use with the Spark app to get alerts when your food is ready
Wipe clean with a damp rag and soap

15ft power cable

Extra-Long power cable lets you put your Spark anywhere you please.
Durable rubber construction prevents burns and cuts.
Solid black so you won't have unsightly extension cords.

Tech Specs

Dimensions: 45W x 23.5D x 42.5H in. (1143 x 597 x 1080 mm) [kettle and cart] / 25.5W x 22.5D x 14.5H in. (650mm x 464mm x 368mm [kettle only]

Weight: 105 lb (fully assembled) / 77 lbs [kettle with cast iron parts only] / 28 lbs [cart only]

Cooking Grate Dimensions: 16.3 x 23.7 in. (414 x 602 mm) [fits 12 burgers]

Cooking Area: 368 sq. in. (0.24 sq. m) / Dome height 5.9 in. [fits a 12 lb turkey]

Power: 120V AC, 60W max, 30W/hr avg

your digital sous chef

Professional Chef holds spark briq and places it in a Spark Grill



Our patented Briqs take the guesswork out of charcoal. Enjoy all the flavor of cooking with charcoal, without the fuss.

Spark One FAQs

Briqs are made to be used once, so you can’t reuse it again. We know what you need depends on what you’re cooking and that’s why we offer Briqs that last different amounts of time. You can pick the one that matches what you want to cook.

Our Everyday Briq burns for about 60-90 minutes, depending on what temperatures you're cooking. Our Quick Briq lasts 30-45 minutes for those weeknight meals when you're cooking something quick.  Our High Heat Briq lasts 30-45 minutes and is especially great for making artisan and Neapolitan style pizzas that typically require a wood-fired oven made of ceramic bricks. Our upcoming Low and Slow lasts 6-8 hours for those long low temp grilling sessions.

Yes, you can... but ideally only in a pinch, because you’ll get the best experience using the grill and Briq in tandem. Our Briq and grill have been engineered to work together as a system to start fast, burn efficiently, and deliver temperature precisely, so if you take the Briq out of that system and just use any ole charcoal, it won’t perform as well. You can get away with it though if you’re in a pinch. But definitely, definitely, under no circumstances, use lighter fluid.

Yes, our upcoming Low and Slow Briq will let you set the temp in the 200-300F range and cook for up to 8 hours. The heat spreader that is included with the grill also creates an indirect cooking zone that is often desired for longer low temp cooking.

Yup!  Here's how that works: Test-drive the Spark grill for 100 days, and if you don’t love it, return it for free. Hold on to your original shipping box to ensure free return shipping.  Give us a call or email so we can start the process and send you a free return label and instructions.  We promise we’ll make returns as seamless and easy as possible.

Customer Reviews

Based on 98 reviews
Tony K. (Naples, US)

My wife and I live in Naples and grill outside at least once a week. We were reccomended Spark to replace our older family sized grill and have been very impressed with performance over last 6 months. I just bought the Pizza making equipment so can’t wait to produce pizzas on my lanai !!

MELANIE (Pompano Beach, US)

We absolutely love our grill. Love the technology behind it but also love that its still a traditional grill in some aspects. Definitely one of the best investments.

David T. (Englewood, US)

I was always intimidated by grilling and never had any real interest in owning a grill but the Spark grill has changed my life. It is so easy to use and precision temp control is incredible. It’s allowed me to get more creative with my cooking. I love the connectivity with my phone too.

Logan B. (Pahrump, US)
Best Grill!

This grill is like taking all your grills and putting them together. You can make pizzas, steaks, burgers, veggies, etc. This is the best grill I have ever owned.

Ken C. (Cleveland, US)
Easy, Great Customer Service

Been easy to put together and use with all the video help. Prepackaged charcoal a big plus. Biggest impression was Fourth of July weekend, with company coming over and slow cooking my first side of ribs - someone at Spark interrupted their holiday to give me advice on my ribs!