Spark & Spice Master Blends
Spark & Spice Master Blends
Spark & Spice Master Blends
Spark & Spice Master Blends

Spark & Spice Master Blends

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An elevated take on three seasoning basics to add even more flavor to anything you Spark. The Master Blends were crafted with versatility and creativity in mind. Use them in any stage of cooking: seasoning or prepping meats and vegetables, as an ingredient in your sides and sauces or sprinkled over finished foods as you take them off the grill. 

The Master Blends set includes:

  • Chile-Spiked Pepper Blend, a blend of black pepper, Aleppo and green peppercorn
  • Spiced Fleur de Sel blend of fleur de sel, coriander and caraway
  • Herb & Spice No. 1, a blend of oregano, thyme and cumin


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We partnered with La Boîte, a boutique spice lab based out of NYC, to custom craft these Master Blends. La Boîte's spice blends have been used in the kitchens of renowned chefs for over a decade - and we're excited to bring these to your kitchen now too. Experiment with these blends solo on a variety of foods, or try subbing them into recipes that call for regular salt, pepper and herbs.

Herb & Spice No. 1

A delicate but flavorful herb and spice mix, consider this your new best friend for seasoning anything you're grilling. Try it on poultry, pork, lamb and vegetables.

herb chicken thighs

Spiced Fleur de Sel

A soft sea salt blended with a hint of spice, this tastes great as an ingredient in dishes or for finishing and plating. Try it on starchy vegetables, poultry and steak.

Spiced butternut squash

Chile-Spiked Pepper

A complex pepper and chile blend that you'll sub in for black pepper everywhere. Try it on red meats or in sauces, like this pepper-crusted flank steak.

pepper flank steak fajitas